Commission Gustavus 150

Implementation of Commission Gustavus 150 recommendations started in the summer of 2009 and will continue until 2020.

Of the 439 initial recommendations, those within the same category and tier were merged resulting in 263 recommendations.¬†Implementation and monitoring of these recommendations were assigned to the College’s senior leadership.

Summary of the Implemenation Status of Recommendations
Updated Summer 2013

  • 47 - Substantially realized
  • 105- Implementation underway
  • 38 - Planning phase
  • 64 - Not yet initiated
  • 9 - Reviewed and not pursuing

Recommendation Status Updates
For a quick glance at the status of all the recommendations, please go to the Strategic Framework Booklet.
The status of each recommendation is indicated with a color code.
Status updates will occur each summer and winter and will be indicated by changes in the color by the recommendations.

Note: The colored updates in the Strategic Framework Booklet may not appear if viewing from an Ipad.

Go the the Tier 1 Updates, to review Tier 1 recommendations that have been substantially realized or are being implented.


Review of All Recommendations
To review the original 439 recommendations or to serach the recommendations, please visit the Commission Blog.
Viewers are able to browse the Commission Blog by specific Commission Task Force and in a broader way by the categories and tiers developed by the Board of Trustees.

If you have specific questions, please contact Commission Gustavus 150 Executive Director, Barb Larson Taylor, at or 507-933-7515.