Task Force on Global & Multicultural Initiatives

The Global and Multicultural Initiatives Task Force is charged to review the following Strategic Initiatives as stated in the College’s Strategic Plan: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3.

The Task Force should consider global and multicultural in its broadest context. The Task Force should also examine carefully the reasons global and multicultural perspectives are important and why we should be concerned.

The purpose of the review is to develop recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the College’s future advancement. The Task Force should make its recommendations without consideration of funding requirements. It should not be of concern that in some cases a Task Force recommendation may overlap with the recommendation of another Task Force.

Strategic Goal #3: Engage with the world to make a difference.

Gustavus’s commitment to the liberal arts, its vocation as a Swedish Lutheran college, and its dedication to student success require all members of the community to respect difference, develop a global perspective, and act justly as informed world citizens. Gustavus will strategically and intentionally move forward to develop the tactics by which these commitments will be realized in order to provide the transformative education and experiences Gustavus graduates will need to be successful and make a difference in the world.

Strategic Initiative: Deepen the engagement of students with ethnic, geographic, socio-economic, and religious diversity so as to prepare them for leadership and service in the world. - Global and Multicultural Initiatives Task Force
  • Tactic (e.g.) Develop a clear plan and effectively respond to an expectation of Cultural Competency for students.
  • Tactic (e.g.) Increase our curricular commitment to enhanced opportunities for students to gain a global perspective.
  • Tactic (e.g.) Establish a clear philosophy, goals and financial models for student participation in education abroad.
Strategic Initiative: In keeping with our founding tradition, provide immigrant populations in our region with greater access to a Gustavus education. - Global and Multicultural Initiatives Task Force
  • Tactic (e.g.) Establish a financial aid model that ensures access to a diverse student body.
  • Tactic (e.g.) Establish initiatives that increase the diversity of the faculty, staff, and administration.
Strategic Initiative: Increase our engagement with Gustavus alumni worldwide to provide students with role models of successful graduates throughout the world. - Global and Multicultural Initiatives Task Force

Task Force Members

  • Chair: Trustee Ardena Flippin '68
  • Facilitator: Gwendolyn Freed, Vice President for Marketing and Communication
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Carole Arwidson '84
  • Elizabeth Baer
  • Karen Westman Carlson '61
  • Elizabeth Coco '12
  • Sarah Calhoon Cuthill '85
  • Becky Fremo
  • David Johnson '84
  • Dan Kolander '68
  • Dana Lamb
  • Gordon Mansergh '84
  • Mikka McCracken '09
  • Kay Rethwill Moline '56
  • Salma Mohamed '07
  • Karen Warkentien Oglesby '02
  • Marilyn Olson
  • Jeff Rosoff
  • Linda Shaw
  • Roger Swanson
  • Larry Taylor
  • Michelle Taylor '83
  • Susan Engelsma Wilcox '73
  • Barb Wilkinson
  • Kaaren Williamsen '95
  • Julio Zelaya '12