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Pan-Afrikan Student Organization (PASO)

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Pan-Afrikan Student Organization (PASO)
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Purpose and Mission Statement In an effort to foster amiable relationships between ourselves and the campus at large, we, the members of the Pan African Student Organization (PASO) of Gustavus Adolphus College, hereby agree to: - Promote cultures of the African homeland and Diaspora - Support each other to the utmost of our ability - Uphold, cherish, and embrace African cultures - Love each other as we love ourselves - Welcome non-African members while still holding true to the practice and belief of the unity of our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.
Constitution Membership 1.1. Any student who wishes to see the promotion of Black identity in a positive light at Gustavus may become a member of PASO 1.2. At any general meeting, a member of the Gustavus community wishing to join PASO and be an active part of the goals of the organization need only approach the Secretary to express that interest. The Secretary will provide the interested person with the PASO Constitution, and at the next general meeting, announce their membership in PASO. 1.3. Members of PASO are expected to show respect for the other members of the organization. 1.4. PASO members are expected to actively support the goals and objectives of the organization through their time and effort. 1.5.Members are expected to attend all meetings, and notify the secretary, or the co-presidents beforehand when conflicts arise. 1.6. The Executive Board shall continuously provide PASO members with ongoing feedback of PASO events and opportunities. 1.7. If there is sufficient concern about a member’s ability to meet the expectations of all PASO members, with 2/3 of the Executive Boards vote, his/her membership may be rescinded. Executive Board 1.1. The Executive Board shall consist of: 2 Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, DLC Rep, Historian, and 2 Social Co-Chairs. In addition (depending on interest of the membership), the following positions are optional: Minister of Transportation, and Publicist. 1.2. Executive Board members are expected to model a strong commitment and energy for the membership. 1.3. Attendance at all General Assembly meetings and Executive Board meetings is required. Absences must be communicated to the Co-Presidents at least a day in advance before meetings. Any member failing to attend 4 or more meetings (either General Assembly or Executive Board meetings) will be impeached from his or her position. 1.4. The Executive Board is expected to have a copy of the constitution at all meetings. (Mainly Co-President) Position *Co-Presidents: 1.1The Co-Presidents shall run all PASO General and Executive meetings. 1.2. The Co-Presidents shall make the agenda for all meetings in which they preside. 1.3. The Co-Presidents shall over-look all committee chairs and ensure they are performing their respective duties. 1.4. The Co-Presidents shall be the head administrator for the organization and act as a liaison between Gustavus administration and any other organizations that express interest in doing business with PASO. 1.5. The Co-Presidents shall over see all letters (dealing with PASO) that are sent to any person outside the organization on behalf of PASO. 1.6. The Co-Presidents shall appoint an interim in the absence of any executive member. Position *Secretary: 1.1. The secretary will keep the minutes of every meeting both in executive and general meetings. The secretary is also responsible for sending out the minutes within two days of the meeting. 1.2. The Secretary shall keep an organized account of the minutes and attendance. 1.3. The secretary will write all letters sent to other campuses and/or organizations but must be approved by the Co-Presidents before being sent in a timely fashion. 1.4. The secretary is responsible for taking attendance at every general assembly and giving written notice to people with excessive absences and lateness. The secretary shall present the presidents with a copy of this letter and keep a copy for PASO’s records. 1.6. The secretary will be in charge of greeting all new members. This includes but is not limited to greeting them pleasantly and promptly adding them to the email alias. Position *Social Co-Chair: 1.2. The Social Co-Chair shall be responsible for reserving guest house for all overnight guests. 1.3. The Social-Co-Chair is responsible for the pickup of keys prior to the guest’s arrival and their safe return after. 1.4. The Social Co-Chair shall receive and welcome all guests of the organization unless otherwise specified. 1.5. The Social Co-Chair is responsible for the general well being of the guest. This includes but is not limited to providing meals paid for by the organization to the guests and other supplies the guest may need. 1.6. The Social Co-Chair is responsible for keeping the treasurer updated on all costs incurred while hosting guest. 1.7 The Social Co-Chair is responsible for filling out a risk management report after every event to notify the CAO desk. Publicist 1.1. The Publicist shall assist committees and be responsible for timely advertising of PASO events. Advertisements shall be complete one month prior to events. Position *DLC (Diversity Leadership Council) Representative: 1.1 PASO DLC representatives shall attend weekly DLC meetings. 1.2 Must keep DLC updated in regards of PASO issues (in terms of Events) at every meeting. 1.3 Members are responsible to report back at each PASO meeting or via email (if an immediate response from DLC is needed). 1.4 Shall request money from DLC only when approved by the Co-Presidents. Position *Treasurer: 1.1 The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the Organization. 1.2 Keep detailed records of all money going out and into the Organization. 1.3 Have clear communication with each committee Co-Chair, Advisor, Executive Board Member, and Co-President about their budget. 1.4 Give Weekly records to each Co-President of the most up to date 9-line. 1.5 Money Transfers records should be done immediately so the budget of the Organization will always be kept up to date (Maximum of 2 days). 1.6 Must keep a complete chronological record of receipts, reports, money transfers, and other information regarding PASO money. Position *Sergeant-At-Arms: Responsibilities include the following: 1.1. All forms of conflict shall be brought to the sergeant-at-arms who will present the conflict to the executive committee. 1.2. The sergeant-at-arms is responsible for keeping order at meetings (i.e. curbing unrelated discussions, etc). Positions *Historian: 1.1. The historian shall attend all PASO events and be responsible for filming and taking pictures at these events. In the event that the historian cannot be present at an event, an interim must be appointed and notified in a timely fashion in order to take over the above mentioned duties of the historian for that event. 1.2. The historian can keep track of an updated scrapbook to the general assembly within two weeks prior to each event. 1.3. The historian is responsible for the updating of the PASO website. This shall also be no later than two weeks prior to each event. MINISTER of TRANSPORTATION 1.1. The minister of transportation will be in charge of acquisition and the distribution of all automobiles obtained by the organization. 1.2. The minister of transportation will settle all mileage disputes, and will be responsible for conduction questioning pertaining to the misconduct and the misuse by PASO members in regards to vehicle privileges. 1.3. The minister of transportation is responsible for the safe pick-up and the timely return of all vehicles. ELECTIONS and VOTING 1. Selection I: 1.1. Elections will be held at the discretion of the Co-Presidents but with enough time for officer trainings. 1.2. Each person nominated for office must express why he or she wishes to take that office to the general assembly. 1.3. Each officer will be elected for a period of one year. 1.4. Elections will be counted by closed ballots, which will be counted by the co-presidents or an impartial person. 2. Section II: 2.1. Each member has the power of one vote. 2.2. In the general assembly, a majority vote is required to carry a decision. 2.3. The co-presidents may not vote; however, in the case of a tie, the co-presidents may cast the deciding vote. 2.4. If it is determined by any member of the executive board, that any officer has not sufficiently performed the duties of his/her office, he/she will be asked to resign by verbally informing the presidents and the executive board. 2.5. If he/she does not resign, they may be impeached with a 2/3 vote of the executive board. Conferences 1.1. All papers or registrations for attending a conference shall be finished and submitted on the due date. 1.2. All members attending a conference shall be responsible for fundraising an amount given by the Co-Presidents. PASO will be responsible for the difference. 1.3. All members signed up to attend the conference will be held responsible for all expenses incurred by PASO if the conference is missed. In case of death, sickness or educational dilemmas, circumstantial exceptions will be made. 1.4. All members attending a conference must give an overview of their experience about the conference. 1.5. All members of PASO must complete at least half of their fundraising hours before being eligible to attend any recreational PASO sponsored conferences or retreats. Absence 1.1. All members of PASO may not have more than four unexcused absences. 1.2. All members of PASO that have three lateness’s with a valid reason will be counted as one complete absence. 1.3. A board member is responsible to tell the Co-Presidents the reason for his/her absence ahead of time. The Co-Presidents are responsible for doing the same thing with submitting to the advisor. MISCELLANEOUS 1.1. Policies and amendments may be added by a 2/3 vote of the general assembly. 1.2. Each new member must introduce themselves at a general assembly and express their interest in the organization. The general assembly will then introduce them selves. 1.3. Every member is expected to commit 5 hours of his/her time towards service and fundraising each.
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register with leadership in order to become a member
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PresidentCo-President Janet
SecretarySecretary Annamarie
Risk ManagerSergeant as ArmsBenissa
MemberDLC Representative Daniella
Member MemberEsther

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