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German Club
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To provide a place for the entire campus (especially those interested in German) to meet and learn about German culture and language, to reinvigorate interest in German at Gustavus.
CONSTITUTION OF German Club ARTICLE I: Name The name of this organization is German Club ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of German Club is to provide a place for the entire campus (especially those interested in German) to meet and learn about German culture and language, to reinvigorate interest in German at Gustavus. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: All Gustavus Students are welcome to join the club. Section 2: Students become members by signing up for our mailing list. They are then able to participate in election of board members. Section 3: Members may maintain membership as long as they wish to remain on the mailing list. Section 4: While attendance of meetings and events is encouraged and optimal, all members need not attend all meetings. German Club recognizes that course conflicts may prevent attendance. Board members are the only ones required to attend all meetings and events (as long as other important commitments do not conflict with the events and meetings--and German Club tries to make meeting times accessible to as many people as possible) ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1: All officers must be full-time students enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. Positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Risk Manager. Anyone demonstrating interest and dedication to officer positions may apply for election. Section 2: The duties of each office are described as follows: A. President 1. To organize and preside over meetings 2. To function as a spokesperson for the society 3. To facilitate communication between executive board members 4. To work with the advisor and other executive board members to create yearly goals for the organization 5. To facilitate monthly Executive Board meetings B. Vice President 1. To preside over meetings in the absence of the President 2. To exercise all the functions of the office of the President in the absence of the president 3. To assist the President in the organization of society events 4. To assist in the development of yearly organizational goals 5. To attend monthly Executive Board meetings C. Secretary 1. To keep a written record of what happened at all German Club meetings 2. Be responsible for all correspondence between the society/faculty (advisors on the mailing list) and the Executive Board 3. To keep club members informed of upcoming meetings and events 4. To assist in the development of yearly organization goals 5. To attend monthly Executive Board meetings D. Treasurer 1. To maintain the finances of German Club and keep accurate records of all financial matters 2. To coordinate any fund raising efforts and travel plans (although this is rare) 3. To assist in the development of yearly organizational goals 4. To attend monthly Executive Board meetings E. Risk Manager 1. To be responsible for recruitment of new members by spreading the word among new Classics students about future induction 2. To promote and publicize all events along with the Secretary 3. To assist in the development of yearly organizational goals 4. To attend monthly Executive Board meetings 6. To ensure the safety of events and contribute to the overall goal of German Club. Section 3: Candidates for office must be nominated from the membership of German Club or may also apply of their own volition. New members may be elected as officers for the next year. The voting format (i.e. email, paper ballot, etc...) shall be determined by the discretion of the President. Voting is open to all current members. Candidates will be elected into office if they receive a majority vote. Section 4: The term begins at the beginning of the new school year. It is urged that the Executive Board get in touch before the beginning of the fall semester to set up a meeting day in the early weeks of September. The term of office shall last for one calendar year. Any vacancies during the year shall be announced to the membership at the meeting following the vacancy. Nominations shall be taken and voting shall occur at the meeting. If no one is nominated, the President can appoint a member to that position. Section 5: The German Club, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all members present, may remove on good cause, an executive board member from office. A request for removal from office will be brought to the German Club Advisor or President who will then bring the request before the membership at the next scheduled meeting. ARTICLE V: MEETINGS Section 1: Meetings will be held a minimum of once a month during the academic year. The Executive Board will meet at the beginning of each semester to set meeting dates. The Secretary is responsible for informing members of meetings. The President will set the agenda for the meetings with input from all members and Executive Board members and faculty advisor. Section 2: Decisions are made by voting- brought to the floor by a motion and a second. A majority shall allow the vote to pass. Section 3: The President or Advisor has the capability of calling special meetings for any matters they feel cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Members must be given at least 3 days notice of any special meetings. ARTICLE VI: EXECUTIVE BOARD Section 1: The Executive Board shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Risk Manager. Section 2: The executive board shall meet once a month to discuss the planning of club events. At the board’s first meeting of each semester, they shall set the dates for all German Club meetings, as well as develop organizational goals. ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES Section 1: Committees for German will be advertised throughout the Club, MLC Department, and campus at large to see who is interested. Members may bring their names forth and be assigned various tasks for an event. Main events may included (but are not limited to): September - Meet and Greet, October - Oktoberfest Polka Party, November – Stammtisch, December - German Christmas Cookie Party, January – Tea/TBA, February - Flusching/Tea?, March - Karneval/Fastnacht/Morgenstraich, April - Walpurgis Night, May - Elections Section 2: The Executive Board may create Special Committees on an as needed basis. ARTICLE VIII: FINANCES Section 1: Officers are responsible for making sure of the Gustavus Student Senate finances the chapter each year. If the club is very involved/active, funds shall be raised through annual dues, participation (through fundraisers), and the Gustavus Student Senate. Section 2: There is no membership fee. ARTICLE IX: BY-LAWS Section 1: By-laws may be established by members and reviewed yearly. Any member in good standing may propose by-laws. They will be prepared for voting by the officers. All approved by-laws will then be submitted to the appropriate governing bodies. ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS Section 1: All members of German Club that are in good standing may propose Amendments. The proposed amendments will be reviewed by the Executive Board members. Section 2: All current members and inductees may be included in the discussion and formation of amendments. Only current members by vote on amendments. Members must be present at the meeting to vote on the amendment. Majority rule will pass an amendment and they will assume effect at the time considered appropriate by the participating members and officers/faculty advisor. Date of Ratification: 10 October, 2012 by Krystal Bundy (President)
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