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Gustavus Secular Student Alliance
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The aims of the Gustavus Secular Student Alliance are as follows: To raise student awareness of issues of importance to the freethought community and the benefits of freethought. To educate the public and our own communities about the civil rights of atheists, agnostics, humanists and freethinkers. To defend the right of freethinking students to organize, meet and promote their views on high school and college campuses. To influence existing communities such that, and create new communities in which, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists and other freethinkers feel comfortable in their views. To educate the public and our own communities about the value of reason, science, critical thinking, skepticism, and openness to new ideas. To educate the public and our own communities about the value of human based ethics and compassion To promote and encourage thoughtful and critical attitudes toward superstition, supernatural claims, pseudoscience and the paranormal To promote positive and correct ideas about non-religious lifestyles To raise critical awareness of religious extremism. To educate the public and our own communities about religious freedom and the separation of church and state To educate the public and our own communities about the value of respecting people regardless of their religious views and learning to cooperate and coexist with them
Article 1 (name): The official name of the organization is the "Gustavus Secular Student Alliance." Article 2 (purpose): Refer to the Mission Statement. Article 3 (membership): Section 1: Membership in this group is open to all students--theists or non-theists. Members will not be discriminated against for any reason and will not be subdivided into categories. Section 2: Members are always accepted, but must attend at least 3 meetings a semester in which you are voting, in order to have a vote in any group decisions (officer elections, by-laws, and amendments) and the ability to nominate officers, propose amendments, and propose by-laws. Members must also be present at the meeting in which a vote is being taken in order to cast a vote unless a vote is taking place online. Article 4 (officers): Section 1: The following positions shall exist in the Gustavus Secular Student Alliance: Two Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, DLC Representative, and Risk Manager. All officers must attend all meetings or notify the group otherwise and be students in good standing with Gustavus Adolphus College. The officers must have been a part of the group for at least one semester before assuming his or her position. If no member meets these requirements, the requirements may be waived by a majority vote of those present. Section 2: The duties of each officer are as follows: Co-Presidents --The Co-Presidents shall organize and lead meetings, be the spokespersons for the group, work with the advisor and other officers to create yearly goals, and maintain requisite contact with the national Secular Student Alliance including renewing membership and requesting supplies. Secretary--The Secretary shall record meetings at the discretion of the secretary, assist in the development of yearly goals, and lead public relations efforts. Treasurer--The Treasurer shall maintain the 9-line, handle budgeting and request for payments, and maintain contact with the DLC and Senate treasurers. DLC Representative--The DLC Representative will represent the Gustavus Secular Student Alliance in accordance with DLC by-laws and not democratically screw things up. Risk Manager-- Oversee one game of Risk per year as well as act in accordance to the Gustavus definition of Risk Manager. Section 3: Candidates for officer positions will be nominated by the last week of class and elected at the conclusion of each Spring semester unless the vote is occurring online in which case it must occur before graduation. A voting date will be decided upon by majority vote. At this meeting, candidates for all officer positions will give a brief speech on why they desire the position and what they intend to add to it. Following speeches, a vote will be taken via secret ballot or equivalent online voting which may occur after the conclusion of the semester--the winner will be determined by instant runoff voting. Section 4: The term of office for all officers is June until the following election If a vacancy occurs before the end of Spring semester, nominations and a vote will take place at the next meeting. If no nominations occur, the group may appoint someone to fill the vacancy by supermajority. Section 5: The Gustavus Secular Student Alliance, by a 2/3 vote of all members present may remove (on good cause) an officer from their position. A request for removal may be presented by any member to any officer who will bring it forward at the next meeting. Article 5 (meetings): Section 1: Meetings will be held at least once a month during the academic year. The officers will poll all members electronically at the beginning of each semester to find the best times for meetings. The group will work together to set the agenda for the following week. Section 2: Decisions are made by a majority vote. Article 6 (by-laws): By-laws may be proposed by any member in good standing and will be reviewed the following meeting. The Officers will submit by-laws to all members in writing before they are voted on at the next meeting. They shall be passed by supermajority vote. Article 7 (amendments): Section 1: Any member in good standing may propose amendments to this Constitution. They will be received by the officers and submitted in writing to all members at least 2 weeks before they are to be voted on. A 2/3 majority vote of the members present shall pass amendments Date of ratification: 2014.05.16
We're affiliated with the national Secular Student Alliance and will submit a new formal agreement when we renew our affiliation in October.
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Risk ManagerMiranda
OtherDLC representativeTaylor
TreasurerAriana Olson-Bouchareb
PresidentSatan Liebl
Vice PresidentDylan Korte

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