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Gustavus Adolphus PageTurners Book Club
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The Gustavus Adolphus Page Turners is a book club that meets weekly in order to discuss a portion of a book, either fiction or non-fiction. We read one book per semester, dividing it into a weekly reading that is reasonable for students to do on top of their school work. We think that discussing the books together makes reading more pleasant, helps students to think critically about books, and provides a reason for students to read for pleasure each week.
Article 1: NAME AND PURPOSE Section 1: Gustavus Adolphus Page Turners Section 2: The mission of the Gustavus Adolphus Page Turners is to create social bonds through reading and to encourage students to read outside the classroom. Article 2: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: All current students of Gustavus are eligible for membership. Gustavus Adolpuhs Page Turners will not discriminate on the basis of age, color, gender, gender identity, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. Section 2: Any individual may become a member of the Gustavus Adolphus Page Turners by notifying any of the presiding officers. Attendance at weekly discussion meetings is not required but highly encouraged. To remain in good standing, members are required to lead once per year, and encouraged to lead once per semester. Article 2: OFFICERS Section 1: The duties of the officers are as follows: A. President 1. Facilitate leadership of meetings and organize book order and distribution. 2. Assist with any problems in meetings. 3. Work with advisor to create yearly goals for the organization. 4. Coordinate with Secretary to create schedule for each semester including dividing book into segments for discussions. B. Vice President 1. Assist President and act as liaison between members, potential members, and President. 2. Coordinate participation in on campus events. 3. Organize recruitment and/or publicity. C. Secretary 1. In charge of communication between all members. 2. Schedule location and weekly leaders for discussions. 3. Relay any noteworthy information or announcements to the group. D. Treasurer/Business Manager 1. Coordinate efforts with Student Senate to establish a budget to purchase books for each semester. 2. Aid President in ordering and pricing of books. 3. In charge of collecting students fees to cover the cost of books. E. Risk Management 1. Warrants that the group will not present undue risk to participants or to the College. Section 2: Elections for the following academic year will be immediately following an informal nomination process at the last meeting in the spring of the previous year. Candidates are verbally nominated by other members. The vote will be through an anonymous, written ballot with a 50 percent majority resulting in election. The term runs for one calendar year. Article 3: PROCEDURES Section 1: Meetings will be held weekly on campus during the academic year. Meetings will take place primarily in the Faculty Staff Lounge or in the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center. The Secretary is responsible for sending out the weekly email to remind members of the meeting and who is leading the meeting. Section 2: The President or Advisor has the capability of calling special meetings for any matters they feel cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Members must be given at least 3 days notice of any special meetings. Article 4: EXECUTIVE BOARD Section 1: The Executive Board shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer/Business Manager, and the Risk Management Chair. Section 2: The executive board shall meet once a month to discuss the planning of club events. At the board’s first meeting of each semester, they shall set the dates for the meetings of the Gustavus Adolphus Page Turners, as well as develop organizational goals. Decisions from this meeting will be passed on to the advisor if he or is not present. Article 5: COMMITTEES Section 1: Committees may be created on an as needed basis. Article 6: FINANCES Section 1: The finances of the organization shall come primarily out of pocket from the members. The Treasurer/Business Manager will collaborate with Student Senate to potentially establish a budget to finance our only expense, books. The Treasurer/Business Manager will work to establish a budget for the future. Section 2: Upon dissolution of the Fan Club, any financial assets will be credited to the Gustavus Student Senate. Article 7: AMENDMANTS Section 1: A member in good standing may propose an amendment to the constitution which will be voted on after discussion led by the President. A two- thirds (2/3) majority must be reached in order to approve an amendment. Members must be present in order to vote on an amendment. Date of Ratification:
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