Printer/Copiers/Multifunction Printers(MDP)Service Calls

The telephone number for a service call is listed below or can be found on the ID tag on the printer/copier. When placing a service call, dial the telphone number and give the ID# to the customer service representative and a brief description of the problem. The customer service representative may attempt to resolve the problem over the phone, if unsuccessful, will place a dispatch for a service technician to your location. If you have questions, please contact us at x7599.

  • MARCO 507-345-7250

Usage is charged at $.05 per "click" or print/copy and includes the cost of paper, the machine, all replacement parts, service labor, toner/developer, and staples. This program does not include paper, which should be purchased in Print Services. Failure order through Print Services may void the service agreement may result the department incuring the cost of the repair.

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