Mail Forwarding

If you are graduating, leaving school permanently or leaving employment, Postal Services will forward first class mail and packages to your new address. Mail is forwarded to the address currently on file with the College. The postage paid by the sender determines how the forwarding is processed by carriers. There is no time limit on the forwarding of your mail. Standard mail and nonprofit mail cannot be forward and will be securely recycled. If you want to remain on their mailing lists, you will need to notify them of your new address.

Your Responsibilities

If you are an alumnus / alumna, it is important that you advise the Alumni Office of address changes. You can send your updated address to the Alumni Offfice by emailing Or you can also submit your address change, news, and photos online.

If you are a faculty, staff, or administrator, it is important that you inform the Human Resource Department of address changes. Having the most current address on file with the College will ensure prompt forwarding of your mail.

Prior to leaving the College, we encourage you to contact individuals, associations, companies, publications, and clubs to inform them of your new address. This will eliminate the necessity of mail forwarding by the College and facilitate the expeditious delivery of your mail directly to you from the sender. Please remember to contact magazines, newspapers, CD/Cassette/DVD mail order companies, banks, and credit card companies.

You can also update your address on your gustavus profile.