One Student's Perspective

Many students were asked to write about a wide range of issues and choices that face college students. These are intended to provide just one perspective on the subject to help parents understand what another student was feeling. This is not intended to be college policy, advise from trained professionals, or even sage wisdom. Simply one student's perspective.

Students' Perspectives on Roommates Conflicts
Both pieces touch upon Residential Life Staff and Collegiate Fellows being there if conflict do arise between roommates.

Students' Perspectives on the Transition to Campus
These upperclassmen offer insight into such topics as the first-year transition, making friends, the family transition and even the debating thought of transferring.

Students' Perspectives of Faith Life on Campus
Students tell about having their faith and vocation tested once they came to college.

Students' Perspectives on Academic Expectations and Pressures
A senior shares his knowledge of how students can be affected by the pressures and expectations to perform at a high academic level and resources students can utilize, while another student explores the phenomena of being a big fish in a small pond drowning in the sea of a new environment.

Student's Perspective on alcohol
A letter that a junior women wrote to parents explaining her experience with drinking at Gustavus.

Student's Perspective on being substance-free
Thoughts of a recent graduate on living in a dry or a substance-free hall.

Student's Perspective on Choosing a Major
Learn this senior students' knowledge of the process most students experience while exploring majors.

Students' Perspectives on Grief Support and Loss
While each students' form of loss was different their experience with support during the grieving process at Gustavus was similar.

Students' Perspectives on Studying Abroad
These are two different accounts from students about what an amazing experience it is to go abroad.