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  • ...echnology Request''' Process and Administrators used the '''Administrative Process'''. ==Technology Request Process==
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  • ...last name. If duplicates existed, numbers were added at the end. This new process will create usernames that don't follow the historical convention. ==Gustavus User Account Activation Process==
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  • '''Imaging''' is the process used by [[GTS|Technology Services]] to put a standard set of Gustavus softw ==How long does the imaging/cascading process take?==
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  • ...hese details as they can directly impact the cost and result of your print request. === Request processing time ===
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  • ...cally link to your website as long as you specified one in the recognition process. You can also add this information later by [ ...te to [ Google Sites]. You may also request to build your site using our content management tool, [[Concert]]. However,
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  • ...istant in charge of overseeing the retirement, resignation, or termination process for employees, this page is designed to ensure a smooth technology transiti ...cess to any data''', once the employee has left, will involve submitting a request to the Data Governance Committee, and approval from 2 Vice Presidents. <!-
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  • ...echnology Request''' Process and Administrators used the '''Administrative Process'''. ==Technology Request Process==
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  • ...ol. If you have an alternate email on file, you can have a password reset request sent to that address. ...'''Reset password''' link under Password. This will send a reset password request to your alternate account. By following the directions you receive you wil
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  • ...e data will need to submit a request to the Data Governance Committee, the request will need approval from two Vice Presidents. For more information on Data ...ervices office] of Technology Services. At that time, you may additionally request that your Concert and/or form access be transferred to another employee of
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  • Data Governance is the process an organization follows to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and avail ==Data Governance Request System==
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  • ...into your Google account (using your Gustavus credentials) to finish this process. ...ease do not close your computer, shut it down, or otherwise interrupt this process.''' This can easily lead to a corrupted file, which will ruin the recording
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  • ==Request Form== ...for a loaner laptop, submit a form below. A member of GTS will review your request and get in touch via your Gustavus email.
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