Technology after Gustavus for Employees

When employees leave Gustavus there can be technology related questions and concerns. If your questions are not answered on this FAQ, please contact the Technology Helpline.

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Can I get help, or set up an appointment to make this transition? What if I have questions?

The full time Technology Helpline staff would be happy to meet with you and help with any of your technology needs during this transition. Please call the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111 or to set up an appointment or ask questions.

What happens with my Gustavus email account?

For Gustavus Staff (Administrator and Support Staff) User Account (email) access ends when employment ends. For all others (Faculty, Emerita and Retirees) please see the list below for allowances.

When account access ends -

A universal auto-responder will be set on the account. An auto-responder sends a response to anyone who sends email to the account.

"FirstName LastName no longer works at Gustavus Adolphus College. Messages sent to this email account are NOT being read. For assistance please contact"

After 30 days, the auto-responder will be turned off, and any messages sent to the account will bounce back to the sender with a user unknown message.

The following allowances exist:

  • Alumni - Alumni who are also employees are given an employee Gustavus User (email) account when they are hired. Access to the employee account will end when employment ends. Alumni who are employees, who only have one account may keep their account with approval from their supervising Vice President.
  • Adjunct and Visiting Faculty - are allowed to keep their accounts and all the privileges that go with their accounts for 60 days past the last day of their last semester. After 60 days their access to the account will end.
  • Tenure-Track Faculty - are allowed to keep their accounts and all the privileges that go with their accounts for 60 days (or longer if approved by the Provost’s Office) past the last day of their employment at the College.
  • Emeriti Faculty (20 years of service and age 60+) - are allowed to keep their accounts and all the privileges that go with their accounts indefinitely with approval from the Provost’s Office.
  • Retiring Employees (20 years of service and age 60+) - are allowed to keep their accounts with the approval from their supervising Vice President.
  • Employees - With Vice Presidential approval employees are allowed to keep their Gustavus accounts.
  • Employee Account Extension - With supervisor approval employees can be given an extension, and be allowed to keep their access for a limited amount of time.

What do I do with my Gustavus owned equipment?

If you have been issued a Gustavus-owned laptop, please turn in your laptop, laptop sleeve, external backup drive, and both laptop chargers on or before your last day (or 60 days after your last day for Faculty) to the Technology Services Helpline or the Technology Services office in Olin. You can leave the rest of your computer equipment in your office.

If you have used a desktop computer, we will pick it up from your office, after your last day.

What happens with the data from my old computer?

The data from your Gustavus owned technology equipment will be backed up and kept for 30 days. Gustavus will provide retiring Faculty with a hard drive for data.

Anyone requesting access to the data will need to submit a request to the Data Governance Committee, the request will need approval from two Vice Presidents. For more information on Data Governance, please see Data Governance.

Can I transfer my data or documents to another user?

Yes. To transfer your data or documents to another user, please use one of the following options:

  • Save to a Department Share.
  • Save to Google Drive and set up sharing for the documents.
  • Call the Technology Helpline for help or assistance with this.

What about my personal documents and emails?

All files (both local and google) and email messages that are personal in nature need to be removed from your computer, Google Drive and email.

Can I purchase my Gustavus-owned equipment from the College?

Due to software licensing, you cannot purchase or keep your Gustavus owned equipment when you leave or retire.

What should I do with the lists (email aliases) that I own or manage?

All email lists or aliases that you own should be turned over to someone else, or be deleted. For more information or help with editing, removing or managing email aliases, please see Alias.

What happens with my access to Concert or other Web editing resources?

Access to edit Gustavus web pages and online forms should expire at the end of your employment. Since this is not an automatic process, notification should be sent to the Web Services office of Technology Services. At that time, you may additionally request that your Concert and/or form access be transferred to another employee of the College. To view the websites that you have access to, sign in to the website and visit To view your forms, sign in to the website and visit

What happens with my Google Account?

For employees, access to your Google account ends when access to your email account ends.

Contact Data

You will need to export your personal contact data from your Gustavus account, and transfer to another contact management program or other (non-Gustavus) Google account. Please see directions for exporting Google contacts.



Personal Google Documents must be removed or transferred prior to leaving Gustavus.


Please transfer ownership of Gustavus-Google documents that your colleagues would still find relevant prior to leaving Gustavus.

Calendars and Calendar Data

  • Primary or other Personal Calendars - to save the information from your primary calendar, you will need to export the data and import into another Google account calendar.
  • Secondary - Shared or Department Calendars - calendars that you own (or created) need to be shared with your colleagues (on campus) with the following setting: make changes and manage sharing .


Access to WebAdvisor and all institutional data will end on the last day of employment. Former employees can retrieve pay and tax information by contacting the Payroll or Human Resources Office. Alumni continue to have Alumni access.

What should I do with my credentials for non Gustavus web accounts?

Any non-Gustavus accounts that are tied to your Gustavus email address or associated with Gustavus, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Government and Business (Amazon) should be changed to another email address. Passwords should also be changed on these accounts.

How can I obtain information from Moodle?

Faculty are able to download information from Moodle. For further help, please fill out the Moodle Request Form on

What happens to my CrashPlan backup?

Access to your Crashplan backup will end when your employment ends.

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Please contact the Technology Helpline by emailing or calling 507-933-6111, or complete our contact form. Connect with us on our remote screen sharing tool at GTS SOS

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