Loaner Laptop Setup Information

If you have received a loaner laptop from Gustavus, please follow the instructions below to get signed in. This procedure needs to only be done once.

Request Form

To submit a request to GTS for a loaner laptop, submit a form below. A member of GTS will review your request and get in touch via your Gustavus email.


When receiving the laptop, please plug in the laptop's power cable. Once the power is plugged in, press the power button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and let's begin!

Join a Network

The first step in the process is to join a network. Please click on your network, click connect, wait for the computer to successfully connect, and click next. If your network is protected with a username and/or password, you will be asked to enter it when you attempt to connect.

Sign in

At the welcome screen, please enter in your Gustavus email address ( and click next. At the next screen, enter your Gustavus email password and click next. It will take a minute or two to set up the computer.


Log into Duo

  • When the computer loads the desktop, click on the Notification Center message bubble (to the right of the date/time, pictured below) in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the message that says, "Work or school account problem", pictured below.
  • Click on your Gustavus account in the Microsoft pop-up.
  • When prompted, please authenticate with your Duo device.

Installation of Software

Once authenticated with Duo, the computer will begin installing a suite of programs no Gustie should be without. It is normal to get notifications for these programs in the same way you were notified about your DUO authentication. Installation of software will take anywhere from 20-60 minutes based on your internet connection. Please allow the computer to sit for a while, powered on and connected to the internet, while it works. You can still use the laptop during this process.

Program List

Saving to the Loaner

As the assigned user, you will be able to install your own applications and save files to the computer as you see fit. Please note, however, that the loaner computer will be wiped clean when it is returned, so we recommend following best practices and saving backups of important files in several different locations (Flash drive, Google Drive, computer, etc.), as well as making sure all information you want to keep is moved off of the loaner device before you return it to GTS.


Can other people use my loaner?

Other Gustavus staff and students cannot log into their own Gustavus account on your loaner laptop. Since they are not the designated user, they are considered a Guest. If you intend for your loaner to be used by somebody other than the loanee (i.e. John rents a laptop to be used as a public sign-up sheet for an upcoming Campus event), please let us know when making your request.

How long am I allowed to borrow a laptop?

Usually, laptops are rented out in two-week intervals. Once those two weeks are up, you may contact GTS and ask for another two-week extension on your loan, as long as GTS inventory allows. If you need a loan for a different period of time, please seek a GTS representative to discuss your options.