iProjection is the successor to EasyMP. EasyMP and iProjection are the mechanisms for wireless projection at Gustavus.


iProjection will work with Epson's newest projectors, however they do not support Epson's oldest projectors.

Compatible Projectors

  • Epson 1945w (Confer/Vickner/Campus Center/Fine Arts/Olin)
  • Epson 5650 (Beck Classrooms)
  • Epson 710Ui (Olin 321)
  • Epson L615U (Olin 220)

Not Compatible

  • Epson Short Throw 450Wi (Olin 219)

Download iProjection

iProjection can be downloaded from Epson's website.

Installing iProjection

  • When installing, please choose Standard Installation when prompted. On MacOS computers, you will need to visit the System Preferences and allow an extension to be installed.

Using iProjection

Use this software to wirelessly project your computer via the Epson Projection Software, also known as iProjection. (if using video or sound, please use the wired connection for best results)

  1. Turn on projector by pressing the On button on the Crestron Panel (white box mounted on wall)
  2. Choose EasyMP/Network/iProjection/LAN source on Crestron Panel
  3. Connect laptop to Gustavus or GustavusSecure
  4. Open iProjection software on laptop. (If it isn't already installed, please feel free to download iProjection)
  5. Choose Advanced Connection Mode, and click box to always use this method.
  6. Choose the projector by checking the box that corresponds to the room you are in and click Join (look for room number)
  7. If you want to be sure that nobody takes control of your screen, be sure to select the disable interrupt checkbox
  8. When done, click Leave using the iProjection software, confirm you want to disconnect, and turn projector off