iProjection is the successor to EasyMP. EasyMP and iProjection are the mechanisms for wireless projection at Gustavus.


iProjection will work with Epson's newest projectors, however they do not support Epson's oldest projectors.

Compatible Projectors

  • Epson 1945w (Confer/Vickner/Campus Center/Fine Arts/Olin)
  • Epson 5650 (Beck Classrooms)
  • Epson 710Ui (Olin 321 and Nobel South)
  • Epson L615U (Olin 220 and Nobel South)

Not Compatible

  • Epson Short Throw 450Wi (Olin 219)

Download iProjection

iProjection can be downloaded from Epson's website.

Installing iProjection

  • When installing, please choose Standard Installation when prompted. On MacOS computers, you will need to visit the System Preferences and allow an extension to be installed.

Using iProjection

Use this software to wirelessly project your computer via the Epson Projection Software, also known as iProjection. (if using video or sound, please use the wired connection for best results)

Fall 2020 - Some necessary College-wide changes to the wireless network have altered the process for connecting to projectors with iProjection in campus classrooms. Users will need to use a manual connection method. After initial setup, you will be able to save the profile for future use.

Manually connect and save a profile:

  1. Turn on the projector and set it for wireless projection (by pressing the Wireless) button.
  2. Open iProjection on your computer, choose Advanced Connection Mode, and click the box to always use this method.
  3. Click the Manual Search tab on the left.
  4. The projector will display the IP address (example for the projector. Enter the ip address into the search bar at the top of the iProjection window and click Search.
  5. In the results area, click the check box for the projector and then click the Register button.
  6. Click on the Create New Folder button and name the folder what you like.
  7. The folder with that projector will appear on the left.
  8. In the future when you open iProjection, open the folder and double click on the desired projector, check the box and click Join.

To add additional projectors to your profile follow the same directions, click the Register button and add it to your folder or create a new folder. If you previously typed in an IP address, it should appear in the drop down list, but the name may not be displayed.