Student organization websites

Many student organizations at Gustavus choose to maintain a website on the domain.

Obtaining access

If you would like to have access to create or edit your organization's website, your advisor must send an e-mail to stating that you have permission to edit the website. After this e-mail has been received, Web Services will provide you with the access you need to create and edit your organization's website.

Linking to your website

Gustavus maintains a public list of student organizations who have completed the recognition process each year. Your organization's name in the list will automatically link to your website as long as you specified one in the recognition process. You can also add this information later by editing your organization.

Keep in mind you're free to host your organization's website on a 3rd party host (such as Google Sites), but if you wish to create a new website to be hosted on the domain (, you must contact Web Services to find out what your exact URL will be.

Editing your website

You may use any software you are comfortable with to maintain your organization's website (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver, TextMate, Emacs, etc.). At a minimum, you will need to use a program that is capable of connecting to our server using the Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol (e.g. WinSCP or FileZilla). If you are unable to obtain or use any such tool, we suggest you move your site to Google Sites. You may also request to build your site using our content management tool, Concert. However, any pages built with Concert will use the standard College template and branding.

These are the details you will need to connect to your organization's website:

Connection type Secure FTP (SFTP)
Username Your Gustavus username
Password Your Gustavus password
Remote directory /cis/www/orgs/yourorganization/

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