WebMail Login Help

Webmail refers to a web-based e-mail client.

Gustavus Adolphus College provides a webmail client for anybody with a Gustavus e-mail account. It is a great way to check e-mail because of its speed, ease-of-use, and worldwide availability. It is located at https://gusmail.gac.edu.


The WebMail system uses your Gustavus User Account username. When logging into WebMail you don't need to use the @gustavus.edu or @gac.edu part of your username.

If you don't know your username, please contact the Technology Helpline at 507-933-6111, stop by the Technology Services department in Olin Hall or complete our contact form.


GusMail uses your Gustavus User Account password.

If you have forgotten your Gustavus password:

  • Stop by the Technology Helpline, with proof of identity and have your password reset.
  • Use the self reset tool. If you have an alternate email on file, you can have a password reset request sent to that address.
    • To set or check your alternate email information, please visit the Gustavus User Settings (GUS) page, and click on the Contact information link under Profile.
    • If you have an alternate email address set, you can click on the Reset password link under Password. This will send a reset password request to your alternate account. By following the directions you receive you will be able to reset your Gustavus User Account password.

You can change your Gustavus User Account password by visiting the Gustavus User Settings (GUS) page, and clicking Change password under the Password section on the left.

Keyboard or Hardware Issues

Occasionally issues with input devices cause problems logging into WebMail. Verify each of the following:

  • Caps Lock not turned on
  • All keys used in your password are working
  • Verify capitals and numbers in your password

New and Incoming Students

New and Incoming students must activate their email accounts, before checking Financial Aid, logging in, and checking their email for the first time.

Activation is a multi-step process -