Russian and Eastern European Studies (RUS)Academic Catalog: 2019–2020

  • Glenn Eric Kranking (History) Program Director
  • Richard Leitch (Political Science)

The Russian and Eastern European studies major familiarizes students with the language, literature, culture, civilization, history, and economics of Russia and other eastern European nations. An understanding of this exciting and often enigmatic area of the world is best derived from a thorough study of all aspects of its compositions—from the earliest appearance of the Slavs in history to recent dynamic political and economic changes. While the main emphasis of study is on Russia and the Russian language, students are required to take classes in a variety of disciplines pertaining to this rich and culturally diverse region. Students are strongly encouraged to take part in one of the study-abroad opportunities in Russia or Eastern Europe supported by the College. Students who elect to study abroad are urged to plan their major in careful consultation with their advisors. The major culminates in the production and presentation of a scholarly paper, written in the senior year under the guidance of one of the participating faculty members.

Russian and Eastern European Studies Major:

  1. RUS-101, RUS-102, RUS-201, RUS-202, RUS-251 or RUS-253, and two of the following: RUS-321, RUS-323, RUS-344.
  2. HIS-211 and HIS-212.
  3. HIS-323 or one Level II or Level III course approved by the major advisor.
  4. One of the following: E/M-391, HIS-391, POL-391, RUS-391 or another senior capstone course approved by the program director

Russian and Eastern European Studies Minor:

RUS-201, RUS-202, HIS-211, HIS-212, and one other course selected from RUS-244, RUS-321, RUS-323 or one other course approved by the program director.

Also see the Russian section under the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

  • 101,102 Elementary Russian I, II
  • 201, 202 Intermediate Russian I, II
  • 244, 344 Special Topics in Russian
  • 221 9th–Century Russian Literature
  • 223 Russian Literature since 1900
  • 251 Conversation and Phonetics
  • 253 Composition
  • 321 9th–Century Russian Literature
  • 323 Russian Literature since 1900
  • 391 Independent Study
  • HIS-211 Imperial Russia
  • HIS-212 The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union