Neuroscience MinorAcademic Catalog: 2019–2020

  • Janine Wotton (Psychological Science) (On leave, 2019-2020)
  • Kayla De Lorme (Psychological Science)
  • Michael Ferragamo (Biology and Psychological Science) (On leave, Fall 2019 and January 2020)

The neuroscience program has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to understand the workings of the brain. Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of all levels of study of the nervous system from biomolecular and biophysical mechanisms to behavior and thought. Interested students should contact the program director, Janine Wotton, for further information and permission to declare the minor. Please see the Biology and Psychological Science sections of this catalog for descriptions of the courses listed below. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Requirements for Minor:

Six courses, including:

  1. BIO-101 Principles of Biology
  2. BIO-102 Organismal Biology or PSY-100 General Psychology
  3. BIO-384 Neurobiology
  4. PSY-260 Introduction to Neuroscience
  5. PSY-345 Neuroscience Seminar
  6. PSY-385 Neuroscience Capstone