Japanese (JPN)Academic Catalog: 2019–2020

  • Toshiyuki Sakuragi
  • Lianying Shan

We strongly encourage students of Japanese language to study in Japan. Gustavus has student exchange relationships with Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka and Hosei University in Tokyo. For a description of the Japanese Studies major and minor, please see “Japanese Studies.”

Japanese Courses

101, 102 Japanese Language and Culture I, II (1 course, 1 course) In this sequential two-semester program, students will develop basic communication skills in both spoken and written (hiragana, kataka-na, kanji) Japanese. This course is also designed to help students increase their intercultural awareness by examining cultural values and assumptions reflected in Japanese kinship terms, classifiers, and nonverbal communicative behavior. JPN-101, with a minimum grade of C, or the instructor’s permission is a prerequisite for JPN-102. GLOBL, Offered annually.

170 Introduction to East Asian Literature in English Translation (1 course) This course provides a broad survey of representative literary works from East Asia from the classical to the contemporary period. Students will explore a variety of literary texts, such as poetry, novels (selections), and short stories from China, Japan and Korea through English translation. This course helps students develop a deep understanding of the diverse philosophical, aesthetic, and literary traditions, cultural values, and historical realities in East Asia. GLOBLLARS, Fall semester.

175 History of Pre-modern East Asia (1 course) This course Is the same as HIS-175. The complete course description can be found in the History listings.

201, 202 Japanese Language and Culture III, IV (1 course, 1 course) In this sequential two-semester program, students will further develop communication skills in both spoken and written Japanese. Students will also continue to develop their intercultural awareness by examining cultural values and assumptions reflected in Japanese honorifics, politeness strategies, and formal/informal communication styles. Prerequisites: JPN-102 and JPN-201 each with a minimum grade of C respectively. GLOBL, Offered annually.

251 Japanese Language and Culture V (1 course) These courses are designed to help students further develop contextually appropriate communication skills in Japanese through a variety of oral and written exercises. They also provide opportunities for students to explore both traditional and popular Japanese culture through a greater use of culturally authentic texts and media. Prerequisite: JPN-202. Offered occasionally.

270 Modern Japanese Literature and Culture In English Translation (1 course) This course offers a survey of representative works of modern Japanese literature (1868-the present). We will explore Japanese literature within its cultural and historical contexts and will discuss various literary themes, trends, and styles. We will also examine a few topics of contemporary Japanese popular culture, such as manga and anime. This course consists of four units: the Meiji period, the Taisho period, the post-war period, and contemporary popular culture. GLOBLLARS, Offered annually.

271 Japanese Film (1 course) Taught in English, this course introduces students to Japanese film by surveying the works of major directors, ranging from such early masters as Ozu, Mizoguchi, and Kurosawa, to such contemporary filmmakers as Kitano and Kore-eda. These films will be examined within their historical and social context. By studying film as an art form, students will appreciate the aesthetic, technical, and commercial development of the Japanese cinematic tradition. Also using cinema as a window into society, the course explores such issues as the changing nature of family structure, values, gender roles, and cultural diversity in Japan. GLOBLLARS, Spring semester.

291, 391 Independent Study (Course value to be determined) Fall and Spring semesters and January Interim