Public HealthAcademic Catalog: 2019–2020

  • Karl Larson, Program Director

Public Health is an interdisciplinary minor that provides an introduction to the basic concepts and principles related to the American public health system. Students will actively engage in courses with opportunity to complete case studies in health behavior, community assessment, and program development for a broad array of community issues and populations. The provision of, and understanding of, community-based health services and programs is a centerpiece of the American public health system, and it is essential students have a fundamental understanding of disease proliferation and the epidemiological approaches to address those challenges. Through participation in courses housed in a multitude of divisions, students will have the opportunity to hear a broad spectrum of application in public health, from the viewpoints of state and county health, religion, healthcare, and business.

Public Health Minor:

Required Core: 4 courses:

  • NUR-253 Introduction to Public Health
  • HES-211 Health Behavior
  • HES-227 Health Program Planning
  • HES-238 Epidemiology

Elective Courses: 2 courses selected from the following: 

  • BIO-218 Fundamentals of Microbiology
  • E/M-377 Health Economics
  • HES-212 Lifespan Development
  • HES-236 Systems and Modalities in Alternative Medicine
  • NUR-201 Pre-Health Professions
  • REL-243 Ethics and Medicine

Any course in Research Methodology (approved by Program Director)

Students who do not attain a grade of C– or greater in any of the courses required for the minor must repeat the course(s) prior to graduation.