Arts AdministrationAcademic Catalog: 2019–2020

  • David Stamps (Music), Program Director

The minor in Arts Administration provides students with an introduction to the skillset required to effectively manage and promote programs and institutions related to the fine arts. The Arts Administration minor offers a focus on organizational behaviors, marketing strategies, communication practices, and resource management within the context of the fine arts. The minor is designed to expand the in-depth knowledge students have acquired through majors in Art/Art History, Music, or Theatre/Dance. The minor is only available to students who are majors in one of these departments.

The minor consists of five courses:

  1. T/D-260 Arts Management;
  2. One course from: E/M-110, E/M-125, E/M-261, E/M-260, MCS-140 and MCS-142;
  3. Three courses from: ART-220, ART-255, COM-117, COM-120, COM-231, COM-237, COM-246, ENG-212, ENG-256, ART-268/368, MUS-268/368, T/D-268 and T/D-268/368 (Internships/career explorations to be arranged through the respective major department and in consultation with a faculty member).