Nobel Conference 56

Cancer Research & Prevention

Cancer Research & Prevention

Cancer research and prevention are two major topics that will be discussed during this year's conference. The resources below provide more background information and ways to stay healthy as provided by the American Cancer Society and other resources. 

The Process of Cancer Research and Development
Two Gustavus students created a game to help students to conceptualize how cancer research works. The game includes a set of five in-depth infographics covering a wide array of topics related to cancer research and development which can be found below. This game was distributed in the Nobel Conference High School Box. 

Research Discoveries 
Grants & Funding 
Research Development 
FDA Approval & Clinical Trials 
Approved Treatments in the Marketplace 
Additional printouts for set-up 

Why Biologic Drugs Are More Complicated Than Small Molecule Drugs
Presented by Gayvn Walsh, Gustavus class of 2021
Many of the new cancer treatments are from biologic drugs.
Learn more about biologic drugs by watching this short video.

They Lied. We Know.  
Cambria has created a comprehensive website that walks users through the vaping, the effects of it, and how important it is to stop in order to stay healthy and to avoid long lasting damage. 

Know Your Chances  
Using this online simulation created by the National Cancer Institute, explore the interactive risk charts that put cancer into context. 

Stay Healthy 
The American Cancer Society has put together many resources to help people stay healthy. This website includes tips for eating healthy, staying away from tobacco, sun safety, detecting cancer early, and more.