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Costs of Treatment, Inequity, & Climate Change

Costs of Treatment, Inequity, & Climate Change

What is the cost of treatment?
Being treated for cancer is very costly. The cost of treatment includes doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation, transportation, and everything in between. The circumstances for each patient is dependent on what type of care they need and the health insurance they hold, and several other factors. The most promising cancer treatments generally have the highest price tags. The following resources provide more insight into these factors, as well as looking at cancer treatment from different lenses.

High Cost of Cancer Treatment 
This website provides compiled information about the cost of cancer treatment through infographics. This page also describes who is most affected by cancer and the inability to meet costs. Users can also look through patient profiles, where really people talk about their experiences. 

Cancer Health Disparities
Cancer affects some groups more than others.
Learn more about racial disparities in cancer by watching this short video.

Cancer Prevalence and Cost of Care Projections
The National Cancer Institute provides a look at the cost of treatment as well as the prevalence of cancer over the years. The information can be organized according to cancer type, national cost, and per patient cost.


Cancer and Climate Change
This slide show provides a unique take on the relationship between climate change and cancer. 

State Cancer Profiles 
This website presents data from each state, covering topics such as prevalence, mortality, screening, and risk factors, and more, presented by the National Cancer Institute. 

Cancer Statistic Center 
The American Cancer Society provides up-to-date statistics and estimates on cancer prevalence by state and by type. This website also provides analysis tools to interpret the data through different metrics, such as survival rate, risk factors, and screenings.