Nobel Conference 56

Basics of Cancer

Basics of Cancer

The following resources provide an overview to the basic of cancers. These resources can be used to build a basis for understanding the content provided by this year's speakers. 

What is Cancer

What is Cancer? - This slideshow provides a compilation of information, covering the basics of cancer from definitions, to stages, and common types. 

Interactive Body Maps

Interactive Body Map: What Really Gives You Cancer?
Using the interactive body map, this tool explains different causes of cancer, allowing users to select different influences and impacts they may have on the body.

Many Kinds of Cancer

This short narrated PowerPoint video is presented by Elizabeth Whitcomb, Gustavus class of 2021. It tells about the how cancer is a group of more than 100 different diseases defined by abnormal cell growth and division.

Learn more by watching this short video.

Benign vs. Malignant

Benign vs. Malignant

Benign and malignant are two words used to describe tumors and whether or not they present harm to the body. This resource provides definitions and visuals to develop an understanding of the two concepts.


Metastasis: How Cancer Spreads 

The National Cancer Institute describes metastasis, when a cancerous cell spreads to different parts of the body. This two minute video provides a look at how this happens through the usage of visuals.