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Nobel Conference 48

2012-2013 HHMI Nobel Conference Lesson Plans

Master teachers from ten Minnesota high schools have developed lesson plans specifically for the 2012 Nobel Conference on “Our Global Ocean." The "Introductory Lesson" materials can be used to prepare students for viewing the conference in person or via the online streaming of video (both live and after the conference) that will be available on the Nobel Conference website.

The remaining curriculum materials focus on oceanographic content connected to the research of one or more of the speakers. Included in each lesson is a listing of the Minnesota State Science Standards addressed by the lesson. High school teachers and other educators are free to use and modify these materials to support their studies. If you have questions about the curriculum, comments, or suggested additions or modifications, feel free to post them in the comments section following the curriculum links.

This curriculum was made possible as a result of the Gustavus Adolphus College/Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Outreach Program, funded by HHMI.

Introductory Lesson

  • Speaker introduction lesson
  • Speaker biography worksheet
  • Speaker lecture notes worksheet

Lessons Related to Speaker Topics

  • Understanding Chemosynthesis At the Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents
  • Discovering Plate Boundaries
    • Speaker: Maya Tolstoy
    • PDF or Word
  • Build Your Own Bluefin! Engineering a Model for Counter-Current Heat Exchange
    • Speaker: Barbara Block
    • PDF or Word
  • Fish on Meth(ylated mercury): Biomagnification & Humans
    • Speaker: William Fitzgerald
    • PDF or Word
  • CO2... From the Atmosphere to the Oceans
    • Speaker: Christopher Sabine
    • PDF or Word
    • Woods Hole lesson: PDF
  • Oil Spill! Clean it Up!!!!!
    • Speaker: Kathleen Moore
    • PDF or Word
  • Effect of Acidification on Coral Reefs
    • Speaker: Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
    • PDF or Word
  • Overfishing

Download all files (24.3MB .zip)

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