Adoptee Programming & Support

What We Do

The CIE is invested in helping adoptees and those who have connects to adoption find resources that may help them on their journey of identity growth as we function as an office of support. The adoptee community is typically underserved and is often thought of as a "forgotten population". Adoptee Programming at GAC is relatively new and began officially in 2019.

For many adoptees, it does not feel safe to begin to explore what it means to be an adoptee until they get to college. This unique identity can come with great joy, but also pain and grief. 

The Center is working on providing a wide variety of resources for this community such as: Adoptee Support Group, Academia articles, a general pamplet in connection with the counseling center, film and discussion series, scholarships for individual adoptee coaching sessions and hopefully more more 

Adoptee Narratives

We seek to allow space for our adoptees to share their truth and commend their vulnerability.

(work in progress 04/10)

Adoptee Groups of Support and Community

Adoptees of South America (Facebook Group)

Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) Community Page (Facebook Group)

InFarRomania (Facebook Group)

KAAN: the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (Facebook Group)

Korean American Adoptees

LGBTQ+ Adoptees: Support through Trauma and Healing

Russian Adoptees (Facebook Group)

Sisters of China (Facebook Group)

Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits (Facebook Group)