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Students promoting interfaith leadership, learning, and cooperation

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All MLC members from 2020-2021 except Ingrid Kubisa

Multifaith Leadership Council 2020-2021


Navnit Guckhool '23, Hinduism

I am Navnit Guckhool and I am an Economics and Environmental Studies double major. I am part of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I believe that it is important to foster an environment where inclusiveness is at its core. The MLC provides a platform where my input will be valuable in promoting a healthy and dynamic environment where everyone feels comfortable to practice their religion especially minority groups on campus.

Shannon Halen '23, Buddhism (MLC co-president)


Hello! My name is Shannon, I’m a sophomore intended psych major with a spanish minor! I find that being a part of the Multifaith Leadership Council has been one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at college! It’s such an important group to have and I’m grateful we have so many great people to be a part of it! Our main goal is to help Gustavus be a place where people of all faiths feel comfortable and appreciated! We welcome all inquiries and questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Ingrid Kubisa '21, Christianity (MLC co-president)

ingridHello, my name is Ingrid Kubisa. I am a junior thinking of majoring in in Political Science and minoring in Communications. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because faith is my priority. Coming from a Christian background, I love to share my experience and also to learn new things. My hope is that with the new Multifaith Center here at Gustavus, people will put into practice what Jesus says to do: "To love one another without judgement." I also encourage diversity and acceptance because we are all one in the eyes of God.

Madison Lee '22, Christianity (MLC secretary)

My name is Maddie Lee and I am a sophomore, planning on majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish and religion. My faith life is central to what I do daily, and an important part of my faith involves showing inclusivity and understanding to all those I encounter. People of diverse religious backgrounds sharing the mission of open minded understanding can be a very profound and powerful force. I can’t wait to see where our campus will be a few years down the road, and hope that students here continue to strive for a welcoming environment for all. 

Arsene Matabaro '23, Christianity (Catholicism)

Hello, my name is Arsene Matabaro. I am a first year student majoring in biology. I was raised in a Catholic family. I am part of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I like knowing more about other religions and their cultures. I believe it is important to create and maintain an environment in which people from different religions can share their ideas without fear of being judged or underestimated. I hopethat students here at Gustavus continue to strive for a welcoming environment for everyone

Teagan Shumaker '22, Christianity


Hey there! My name is Teagan Shumaker, a sophomore here at Gustavus. I am a Religion and Psychology double major. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I enjoy learning about other peopleand what makes them who they are. My Christian faith has always been a huge part of my life. As a camp counselor, I enjoy sharing my faith and helping teach it to the kids I work with during the summer. Through MLC, I hope that we are able to cultivate a space and a campus where everyone can feel as comfortable to share their faith as I do.


Celeste Thalhammer '24, Christianity (Quakerism) and Judaism 

Hello, my name is Celeste. I am a freshman here at Gustavus, and I am thinking of majoring in Communications and minoring in Dance. My faith has given me a strong purpose in life. Growing up in a household where we celebrated many different holidays, I would like to continue that practice here. I joined the Multifaith Leadership Council to learn and spread awareness of others' faiths, cultures, and traditions. I want to create an open and safe place on campus where people feel comfortable celebrating and expressing themselves through their beliefs. 

Anna Thomé '22, Unaffiliated 

Anna_Thome I’m Anna Thomé, and I’m a sophomore Environmental Studies major. Coming from a family with a mixed religious background gave me an appreciation for our differences and the importance of the ability to hold a respectful conversation. I joined the Multifaith Leadership Council because I think it’s important for Gustavus to become a space where people of all faiths and backgrounds can hold respectful dialogues about their beliefs and practice their religions without feeling isolated.

Angelina Hathy '23, Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Angelina Hathy

I’m Angelina Hathy and I’m planning on becoming nursing student. My faith in growing up in a Eastern Orthodox home as played a large role in my life in explaining my community. I’m joining the Multifaith Leadership Council because lots of my friends and family come from different religious backgrounds and I find it all very fascinating and think that Gustavus strives to include everyone in sharing their a part of them in a place where they feel welcomed. 


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"Boats" released in observance of the Thai Floating Lantern Festival, Loy Krathong, on October 31, 2020.

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