Multifaith Leadership Council

Students promoting interfaith leadership, learning, and cooperation

Marian Broida, Interfaith Program Fellow and Advisor to the MLC

Dr. Broida has taught Bible and Jewish Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College since the fall of 2015. She completed her MA in Jewish Studies and her PhD in Religion at Emory University in Atlanta, specializing in Hebrew Bible. One of Dr. Broida’s greatest joys is providing avenues for non-Jewish and Jewish students to learn about Judaism. In 2016, she taught a January term course on experiencing the Passover Seder. That April she organized and co-led a campus Seder at Gustavus for approximately 200 students, faculty, and others, with the help of students in her Jewish Studies courses. 

Multifaith Leadership Council members 2018-2019

Mahrukh Khurram '19, Islam (President)

mahrukhHello, my name is Mahrukh Khurram and I am a Financial Economics major. I am a member of Multifaith Leadership Council because it gives me an opportunity to learn about different perspectives which helps me deepen my understanding about others and myself. I hope to contribute to create a more religiously aware and socially active campus.


Rachel Belvedere '20, Christianity

rachelHello, my name is Rachel Belvedere and I am a junior Environmental Studies and Geography double major. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because the most basic principle of my Christian faith tradition is love and I believe this love extends to all people from all backgrounds. I am hopeful that with the new Bonnier Multifaith Center, all Gusties are able to practice their own tradition and better understand and appreciate the traditions of others.

Megan Eide '19, Christianity (ELCA)

meganHello, my name is Megan Eide, and I am a senior religion and communication studies double major and film and media minor from Bloomington, MN. I love being a member of the MLC, because it gives me an opportunity to learn about other faith traditions and practices and to help enhance the spiritual wellbeing of my Gustavus peers. My goal for the MLC this year is to continue raising awareness of religious diversity on campus and to create meaningful opportunities for students to practice, share, and explore faith on the Hill.


Rachel Huber '21, Christianity (Catholicism)

Rachel Huber editedHello, my name is Rachel Huber and I am a nursing major. I am looking forward to being part of the Multifaith Leadership Council this school year! It is my hope that as part of the Multifaith Leadership Council I will be able to learn more about others' beliefs and grow in my faith.


Ingrid Kubisa '21, Christianity

ingridHello, my name is Ingrid Kubisa. I am a sophomore thinking of majoring in in Political Science and minoring in Communications. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because faith is my priority. Coming from a Christian background, I love to share my experience and also to learn new things. My hope is that with the new Multifaith Center here at Gustavus, people will put into practice what Jesus says to do: "To love one another without judgement." I also encourage diversity and acceptance because we are all one in the eyes of God.

Grace Love '19, Pagan

graceHello, my name is Grace Love and I am a Biology and Religion major hoping to go into Zoology. I joined the
Multifaith Leadership Council because I enjoy sharing religious experiences with people and hope to
engage in activism through faith. It's important to me to build a community of spiritual people who are commited to helping others thrive. I hope that we can help Gustavus become more connected with and educated about each other.


Danaan Mitchell '20, Hawaiian Christianity

Danaan photoAloha and greetings! My name is Danann I. K. Mitchell, and I'm from Waiehu, Maui, Hawai'i. I'm a junior Religion major and Gender, Womxn's, and Sexuality Studies minor. As a new member of the Multifaith Leadership Council, I am incredibly excited to encourage interfaith dialogue on campus. Discussing faith and making conversations about faith accessible to our Gustavus community are both essential for truly embracing diversity on campus. I am passionate about discussing the intersections of faith and culture as well as talking about experiences of rediscovering or coming back to one's faith.

Matt Ouren '19, Christianity (ELCA)

Matt Ouren

Hello, my name is Matt Ouren and I am a junior Communication Studies major and a Religion and Scandinavian Studies double minor. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because Christ calls me to love and I believe understanding and respecting each other are important steps towards love. This coming year, I hope Gustavus can build upon momentum started by opening the Multifaith center. I hope that the Multifaith Leadership Council an work to reach a larger number of students with this message of understanding and respect as a step toward love.

Prabu Singh '19, Sikhism 

Prabu Singh

Hello, my name is Prabhjot Singh and I am a senior Art and Biology Major. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because as a person of Sikh faith, I want to encourage diversity, acceptance, and support for anyone and everyone on campus. I hope Gustavus is able to reach out to more students on campus about the exploration of faith.



Multifaith Leadership Council, 2017-2018