Multifaith Leadership Council

Students promoting interfaith leadership, learning, and cooperation

Marian Broida, Interfaith Program Coordinator and Advisor to the MLC

Dr. Broida has taught Bible and other courses in the Religion Department at Gustavus Adolphus College since the fall of 2015. She completed her MA in Jewish Studies and her PhD in Religion at Emory University in Atlanta, specializing in Hebrew Bible. One of Dr. Broida’s greatest joys is providing avenues for students to learn about their own and others' religious traditions through both coursework and extracurricular events. Twice she organized and co-led a campus Seder at Gustavus for approximately 200 students, faculty, and others, with the help of students in Jewish Studies courses. As Multifaith Leadership Council advisor, she works with students from multiple different religions and worldviews to promote interreligious understanding.

Multifaith Leadership Council 2019-2020

For the first time, students on the Multifaith Leadership Council include three "interfaith fellows"--first-year students with a special role in enhancing interreligious understanding on campus.

Warsan Burhan Cumar '23 (interfaith fellow)

warsanHello, my name is Warsan Cumar! I’m planning on double majoring in Political Science and History with a possible minor in either Eastern European Studies or Russian Language. Religion has played a key role throughout my life, and along with my culture has positively impacted the way I view the world and the methods in which I interact with others. Ultimately my goal through the MLC is to create a community that fosters religious diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. A community that's welcoming to all, and that strives to make progressive changes when necessary. 

Anna Duong-Topp '20, Buddhism

Anna Duong-ToppMy name is Anna Duong-Topp and I am a Religion and Japanese Studies double major. I’m a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I want everyone to feel comfortable exploring their identity at Gustavus, especially their worldview. I hope that the MLC’s involvement in the Gustavus community fosters trust between all identities, ideologies, and interests.

Brittney Johnson, Christianity (MLC co-president)

Brittney_JohnsonI am Brittney Johnson, a senior majoring in Geology. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because my faith is important to me; and I want to help foster an environment where people feel as comfortable practicing their religion as I have the luxury to do.


Mehreen Kamal, Islam

Hello, my name is Mehreen Kamal and I am an International Business Management major with a possible Environmental Studies minor. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I am a strong believer in the far-reaching impact of Interfaith dialogue. Thus, as a member, I aim to facilitate a platform where students can come forward and take the step toward an Interfaith understanding 

Simerjit Kaur '23, Sikhism 

Simi Kaur photoHello, my name is Simerjit Kaur (Simi), and I plan to major in Biology. All my life, I have wanted to see an inclusive environment that showcases the beauty of each and every religion. I want every student at Gustavus to feel accepted in their own skin, and to recognize that the world's greatest treasure is truly its diversity. I hope that my time at Gustavus is full of new experiences that allow me to learn more about others and their perspectives, thus pushing me to grow and learn more about myself and my surroundings.

Ingrid Kubisa '21, Christianity (MLC co-president)

ingridHello, my name is Ingrid Kubisa. I am a junior thinking of majoring in in Political Science and minoring in Communications. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because faith is my priority. Coming from a Christian background, I love to share my experience and also to learn new things. My hope is that with the new Multifaith Center here at Gustavus, people will put into practice what Jesus says to do: "To love one another without judgement." I also encourage diversity and acceptance because we are all one in the eyes of God.

Madison Lee '20 Christianity

My name is Maddie Lee and I am a sophomore, planning on majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish and religion. My faith life is central to what I do daily, and an important part of my faith involves showing inclusivity and understanding to all those I encounter. People of diverse religious backgrounds sharing the mission of open minded understanding can be a very profound and powerful force. I can’t wait to see where our campus will be a few years down the road, and hope that students here continue to strive for a welcoming environment for all. 

PhePhe Quevi '20 Christianity 

My name is PhePhe Quevi, I am a senior, Sociology/Anthropology major with a double minor in French and African Studies. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I believe it's important to create and maintain an environment in which people from all faith backgrounds can converse on controversial issues without fear of being judged or having their views minimized. My goal for MLC this year is that we are transparent in all that we do in trying to make Gustavus a more inclusive place.

Teagan Schumaker '22 Christianity


Hey there! My name is Teagan Shumaker, a sophomore here at Gustavus. I am a Religion and Psychology double major. I am a member of the Multifaith Leadership Council because I enjoy learning about other peopleand what makes them who they are. My Christian faith has always been a huge part of my life. As a camp counselor, I enjoy sharing my faith and helping teach it to the kids I work with during the summer. Through MLC, I hope that we are able to cultivate a space and a campus where everyone can feel as comfortable to share their faith as I do.

Anna Thomé '22 Unaffliated 

Anna_Thome I’m Anna Thomé, and I’m a sophomore Environmental Studies major. Coming from a family with a mixed religious background gave me an appreciation for our differences and the importance of the ability to hold a respectful conversation. I joined the Multifaith Leadership Council because I think it’s important for Gustavus to become a space where people of all faiths and backgrounds can hold respectful dialogues about their beliefs and practice their religions without feeling isolated.

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