Purpose and Policies

Bonnier Multifaith Center


Given the growing religious diversity of the Gustavus community, the Bonnier Multifaith Center gives people a beautiful space within which to practice their religion, deepen their spirituality, and learn about the commitments and practices of people from traditions different from their own. The Office of the Chaplains equips students to connect faith and spirituality with their learning and life so that they will be prepared to live and lead in a religiously diverse world. The new Bonnier Multifaith Center is a transformative asset for bringing attention to this important work and for advancing the College‚Äôs commitment to diversify and expand the Gustavus community.


  • The Bonnier Multifaith Center is a space on campus where all may practice their spiritual and religious beliefs free of judgment and discrimination. All traditions are respected in this space and so the following set of policies should be followed by all those who hope to utilize this space
    • When the center is reserved and in use, please do not enter the Bonnier Multifaith Center, unless it is an emergency. 
    • Please show respect and keep the space clean. After each use please return any items to their original location and if necessary sweep the floor. 
    • Please remove all trash and recycling from the room.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the Bonnier Multifaith Center. 
    • No artwork is to be displayed by any person or group without prior approval by the Office of the Chaplains. In addition, any art to be hung on the walls, even temporarily, must follow guidelines to avoid damaging the walls. 
    • Please wear only clean non-scuffing shoes in the space. Leave other shoes outside the door.
    • The ablution stations are for ritual cleansing and washing.
    • Do not use zafus or zabutons (meditation cushions), singing bowls, or prayer rugs without prior approval from Gustavus Meditation or the Muslim Student Association. Yoga mats may be used by anyone.
    • Respect the sacredness of the space and the sacred texts that may be stored in the space.
    • All space reservations must be made using the "Reserve Space" button and be sponsored by a recognized student orgainzation or office on campus. If this is not possible, please contact the Chaplains Office x7446.