Senior Fellows Program

Gustavus Academy for Faith, Science, and Ethics

"Academy Senior Fellows are leaders"

Senior Fellows Week
June 14-18, 2021 at Gustavus
Leadership Training
Senior Fellows learn leadership skills from the Academy Leadership Team and special guest speakers. Special sessions include strengths and gifts discernment, being a theologian, intersectional leadership, leading small group discussion, and more. Senior Fellows are then able to put these skills to use as they help lead programming during the summer intensive. 
One-on-one time with an Academy Mentor and the Leadership Team
Senior Fellows are paired with a mentor for team building, deep
listening, and shadowing. Mentor and Senior Fellow teams work
together to plan mentor group activites, worship, creativity labs, and recreation. 

Go deeper
Senior Fellows are able to spend time digging deeper into the summer intensive theme through more advanced readin
gs, conversation, and guided reflection. 
Field Trip
Senior Fellows spend an afternoon off campus for a special team building or experiential learning experience. 

Summer Intensive

June 19-25, 2021

Senior Fellows help facilitate and lead programming along
with their mentor while participating in the summer intensive.
Nobel Conference (optional)

Oct. 5-6, 2021 at Gustavus

Nobel Conference 57: Big Data Revolution

 Questions about the Senior Fellows program can be directed to Chaplain Maggie Falenschek, Students who have already participated in the Senior Fellow program and are interested in an Academy Intern position should complete the Senior Fellow application and indicate their interest for an internship position. 

Please note: Returning students do not need to apply to both the Senior Fellows Program and the Fellows Program. Students who apply to the Senior Fellows Program and are not accepted this year will automatically be rolled into the Fellows Program applicant pool.