How Do I Find Academic Student Learning Outcomes?

Student Learning Outcomes identify the knowledge, skills, habits, and dispositions students should develop through their curricular and co-curricular experiences at Gustavus. We use these outcomes to assess student learning and to inform pedagogical and curricular changes.

Gustavus faculty, administrators, and staff have developed the following types of outcomes:

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes: The four ISLOs name the outcomes students should achieve through their entire Gustavus experience. These outcomes also include a preamble. The preamble identifies other skills, habits, and dispositions we believe students should develop during their time at Gustavus, all of which are enhanced by attainment of the four regularly assessed ISLOs. The ISLOs are assessed by aggregating assessment and survey data from throughout the College.

General Education Student Learning Outcomes: The four general education SLOs name the outcomes students should achieve through their experiences in the Challenge Curriculum or Three Crowns, particularly in the five area courses. The primary assessment for these outcomes takes place in the Challenge and Three Crowns Seminars.

Challenge Curriculum and Three Crowns Designation Outcomes: The designation outcomes identify the knowledge and skills students should attain in designation-bearing courses. Faculty teaching these courses assess the outcomes using a shared rubric.

Department and Interdisciplinary Program Outcomes: The department and interdisciplinary program outcomes name the knowledge and skills students should gain within a department. Some of these outcomes identify what students should attain by the end of their program while others focus on what students should learn in particular courses or course levels within a department. Department and program faculty are responsible for assessing these outcomes.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Designation Student Learning Outcomes Designation Rubrics
Arts (ARTSC)  Arts Rubric 
Human Behavior and Social Institutions (HBSI)  Human Behavior and Social Institutions Rubric 
Humanities (HUMN)  Humanities Rubric 
Natural Science (NTSCI)  Natural Science Rubric 
Theological Studies (THEOL)  Theological Studies Rubric 
Global Affairs and Cultures (GLAFC)  Global Affairs and Cultures Rubric 
U.S. Identities and Difference (USIDG)  U.S. Identities and Difference Rubric 
Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning (QUANT)  Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning Rubric 
Wellbeing (WELBG)  Wellbeing Rubric 
Writing and Information Literacy (WRITL)  Writing and Information Literacy Rubric 
Writing in the Disciplines (WRITD)  Rubrics in Progress
First Term Seminar (FTS)  Rubrics in Progress
Challenge Seminar (CHALS)  Rubrics in Progress

Department and Program Student Learning Outcomes