How Do I Assess My Department or Program?

The following resources will help with department and program assessment. If you would like further assistance, please contact the College Assessment Director.

Department and Program Annual Assessment Report Forms: DUE October 1, 2020

Developing Department and Program Outcomes

Assessing Outcomes

  • This guide will help you lead a norming session so that your department can assess student work against a shared rubric: Norming_Session_Protocol 
  • Help in sheeting up assesssment spreadsheets in Google Sheets:

Department and Program Assessment Plan Form

Curriculum Map

  • Every department and program should create a curriculum map that shows where in the curriculum students will learn, reinforce, and master the skills, areas of content, and habits listed in the student learning outcomes. All departments and programs should complete this form by January 15, 2018: Curriculum_Map


Institutional Offices

  • The following offices may be helpful in department and program assessment:
    • The Alumni Office can provide mailing addresses (and in many cases, email addresses) of graduates (majors and/or minors) for surveys. 
    •  The Career Center can provide statistics on your majors’ participation in internships, faculty supervision of internships, and internship credits. 
    • The Center for International and Cultural Education can provide departments and programs statistics on their students who have studied abroad and their locations.
    • Contact Institutional Research to discuss survey instruments and review instrument design. Also provides a variety of institutional data, ranging from student surveys to enrollment and graduation by department. 
    • The Library can provide reports on library holdings and services for departments or programs.