First-Year Student Registration 2016



Registering for Classes:

We are glad you have chosen to attend Gustavus!  It is time to register for classes.

First of all, please call Tracey at 507-933-7227 to schedule a registration appointment with our summer advisor, professor John Cha.  He will be available July 12, 20, and 26, from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  If none of those dates work, let us know and we will find a time that does.  You are welcome to come to campus for this 30 minute appointment or choose a phone appointment.  You do not need to know which classes to take before you call to schedule this registration appointment - that comes next.

Next, watch your mail for a packet containing information on how to choose classes, take placement exams, and prepare for your registration appointment.  Copies of these documents can be found here as well as on the Enrollment Forms page.

1. Start by reviewing the documents you received in the mail (or view them here):

2. Follow the First-Year Registration Process (4a) checklist to prepare for your registration appointment.  Here are some key steps:

  • Choose 5-7 First Term Seminar (FTS) courses from the General Education Preference (4b) list.  You will need a few options to choose from as you work out your schedule with our advisor.  Please note: The online General Education Preference form is now closed, so you can skip that step. Also, the 3 Crowns Curriculum program is full.
  • Using the Advising & Registration Manual (ARM) (4d), review major requirements to determine which courses, if any, need to be taken right away in your first semester.
  • Use WebAdvisor to Search for Classes.  Continue to follow (4a) as you think about other classes to enroll in.  You received a user name and password for WebAdvisor with your financial aid information, but do not need to log in to search for classes.  You can also view the PDF of courses available to first year students:  First Year Course Schedule Fall 2016.
  • Use the Weekly Planning Sheet to plot out the courses you have chosen.  Identify 4-6 courses you would like to take and our advisor will help you determine which ones will work best together.

3.  Take placement exams:

  • You will need to complete this step before you can enroll in calculus or non-English language courses.  Be sure to save or print out your score when you have completed the exam, and have this score with you during your registration appointment.  Please read page 8 of the ARM and review the links below.  Please note:  The exams are still open and available.  Posted deadlines were necessary to prepare for Gustie Gear-Up! Registration and Summer Orientation in June, so you can ignore them at this point.
  • Language placement exam: Most students will need to take a language placement exam before registering for a non-English language course, especially if you plan to take a course this fall. See ARM for details.
  • Calculus placement exam: If your major requires calculus and you might take it this fall, you will likely need to take the calculus placement exam. See ARM for details.

4.  Send final transcripts and scores to the Admission Office.  Please read page 8 of the ARM for more information.  You can have your registration appointment even if this step is not complete. Have this information with you during the appointment, then be sure to have the official documents sent as soon as possible.  Be sure to send all of the following that apply to you:

  • Final high school transcript.
  • Final transcript from the college or university you received PSEO credits from.  Having the grades show on your high school transcript is not enough.  We need the official college transcript for the credits to be applied.
  • You must also request to have your AP and/or IB scores sent directly to Gustavus.
 5.  Finally, you are ready for your scheduled registration appointment!  Watch for a confirmation email a few days in advance.  If you have questions, be sure to call the Acedemic Support Center at 507-933-7227. 
Additional documents sent by the Center for Academic Resources and Enhancement:
Gustie Gear-Up! Invitation (3)
Gustie Gear-Up! Schedule: How to Plan Your Time on Campus (4c)

3 Crowns Curriculum

Helpful Links:

Your Next Steps:  This is an excellent summary of what you need to do before September!  Check it out!

2016 Enrollment Checklist:  The checklist of all the forms you need to complete before September!  You may want to print this one!

Enrollment Forms:  A handy link to many of the forms listed on the Enrollment Checklist - in case you misplaced one!


Academic Catalog:  A quick way to review course descriptions by department!

Gustavus Academic Calendar


More helpful tips:

Activate your Gustavus email account:
Use your email username and password to log in and save time on several of the online forms! Activate your Gustavus email and start using it to communicate with us:  Please contact the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111 or if you need help or have questions about activating your email account.

Music majors, music scholarship recipients and students wishing to audition for music lessons, ensembles, or choirs should complete Music Profile Form before registration.

Gustavus ID#:
Did you know that you can find your Gustavus student ID# located in your Admission Packet or on your Financial Aid Award Letter?  This is a great number for you to memorize!  You will have your photo taken during Gustie Gear-Up! in June and receive your ID card on move-in day.