Application Forms


There are two ways prospective first-year students can apply to Gustavus. (There are different procedures for transfer students and international students.)

  1. Online by going to the Gustavus application website or by clicking on a link in an email you may have received from us.
  2. Online at

Choose the method that works best for you. We have no preference. We simply want you to apply!

No matter which method you use to apply, we need the following four or five pieces. Each piece of your application can arrive separately, in any order, and in any format.

  • Application for Admission
  • School Report
  • Transcript
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • ACT or SAT scores (optional)


Using the Gustavus application online is the easiest way to apply. When applying online, you'll need to get a school report, along with a transcript and one teacher evaluation. You can open the files below, print the forms, give them to your guidance counselor and a teacher, and ask them to mail or fax the forms to Gustavus (Gustavus Admission Office / 800 W. College Ave. / St. Peter, MN 56082; fax: 507-933-7474). They could also submit each form online using your school's preferred electronic submission service (such as Naviance or Docufide) or by using our SENDedu service.

Common Application

Instead of the Gustavus application, you can apply for admission using the Common Application. For details or to begin online, go to

Other Applications

By applying for admission, you are automatically applying for many of Gustavus's scholarships. To apply for others, you'll need to complete various scholarship applications. To read about all your scholarship opportunities and to apply online,, visit our scholarships page.