What Equals Notice

Title IX

According to Title IX any institution receiving federeal funding has the responsibility to respond to a report of sexual misconduct. Responding is necessary when there is "reasonable notice" of sexual misconduct. The Office of Civil Rights deems a school to have notice of student-on-student sexual misconduct if a responsible employee knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, about the sexual misconduct. The following could/would consistute reasonable notice.

  • Witnessing sexual miscondcut
  • Witnessing warning signs of sexual misconduct
  • Someone telling you they experienced sexual miscondcut
  • Someone telling you they know someone who has experienced sexual misconduct
  • Seeing a social media post in which someone confesses they or someone they know has experienced sexual miscondcut
    • Note advocacy related events such as Take Back the Night are protected from reporting, survivors are able to share their stories at advocacy events without fear of it being reported.