Mandated Reporter Resources

Title IX

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Mandated Reporter Key Points

  • You need to fill out an online report
  • You must provide all details about the incident, including names of complainant and respondent
  • You will be notified once Title IX has recieved your online report
  • You have completed your necessary Title IX mandated reporting duty once you have submitted a Title IX report and your part in the process is done, unless Title IX needs more information from you.
  • You need to be aware what constitutes proper notice (please see above)
  • You need to let others know that you are a mandated reporter
  • You are allowed to know and utilize your personal limits. Remember you are not an advocate or counselor, therefore it is acceptable to tell someone that you are not the best person to talk to about an incident of sexual misconduct and to refer that individual to SART, other confidential resouces, and/or Title IX.