Accused/Respondent Resources

Title IX

Resources for accused

If you have been accused of sexual misconduct, the Assistant Dean of Students will work with you to assist you in accessing support and advising. You may also choose to retain legal counsel.

Conduct Advisor and Support Person

The accused student has the option to have both an advisor as well as a supportive resource present during any meeting connected with the case. These personnel can be recommended and provided by the College or a student can seek out their own from on or off campus. The role of the Advisor shall be limited to advising the respondent. The Advisor may not appear in lieu of the respondent or speak on the respondent's behalf, nor may the Advisor address the hearing board/officer.

Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel may be present at the hearing on behalf of either party. Such counsel may not examine witnesses or otherwise directly participate on behalf of either party.

Other Resources