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Can I Kiss You?

Every year at student orientation the Peer Assistants bring Mike Domitrz's presentation Can I Kiss You? Can I Kiss You, is a presentation that challenges students to think critically about the important topics of asking for consent, communication within relationships, making healthier decisions with a partner, supporting survivors of sexual assault, and bystander intervention. In addition to Mike Domitrz's presentation, the Peer Assistants then divide into smaller groups to do more education around asking for consent. Overall, the Can I Kiss You? event offers opportunities for incoming students to practice their skills in asking for consent and intervening on risky siutations; as well as provide inspiration to make a cultural shift not only at Gustavus Adolphus College but in their personal sphere of influence. 

Take Back the Night

During Sexual Violence Awareness Month, in April, several student organizations come together to execute the event Take Back the Night. Take Back the Night is a night focused on awareness and empowerment. Take Back the Night is a globally recognized event that happens in over 30 countries and is supported by the Take Back the Night Foundation. Each year Gustavus Adolphus College's Take Back the Night presents speakers, including survivors, who provided the opportunity to educate others on the negative impacts and misconceptions surrounding intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. The event offers the community an opportunity to stand in solidarty and not be silenced by matters of sexual and relationship violence.