Section 10: Specific Advising Information for Music Majors

Music Student Handbook

Section Contents

Because of the extensive length of several of the following sections, Section 10 is further divided into six sub-sections (A-G) as listed below:

Section 10.A

The Major in Music

Formal Declaration

  • Audition for Music Major
  • 300-Level Lessons

Areas of Emphasis

  • Arts-Management
  • Music-Business
  • Music-Computer Science
  • Music-Theater
  • Music-Therapy

Section 10.B

Music Education Licensure

  • Regarding Education Courses
  • Program Requirements
  • Piano Proficiency Policy
  • Improvisation Requirement

Section 10.C

Sample Course Schedules for Music Majors

Under construction, see General Catalog for more information and speak with Dr. Miller, Dr. Aune, or Dr. Dean.

  • Major in Music
  • Major in Music Education
  • Music Education: Instrumental Licensure
  • Music Education: Vocal Licensure
  • Music Education: Vocal and Instrumental Licensure (see advisor)

Section 10.D

Honors Programs

  • Honors in Performance
  • Honors in Composition
  • Honors in History-Literature

Section 10.E

The Sophomore Review

Music Major Portfolio

Section 10.F

The Senior Music Major Capstone Experience

Section 10.G

Continued Graduate Study

Career Opportunities for Music Majors

  • Composition
  • Education
  • Music Industry
  • Performance

Revised: October 2014