Section 10.E: The Sophomore Review, Music Major Portfolio

Music Student Handbook

Section Contents

The Sophomore Review

Sophomore Review Evaluation Procedure

The Sophomore Review follows this following procedure, which occurs during the spring semester of the student’s sophomore year:

  • The Sophomore Review is initiated during the month of February by the Department of Music Office. Candidates are determined by registrations in Music Theory II (MUS 112) and Music Theory IV (MUS 212) and advisor's lists provided by the Academic Advising office.
  • The form Application to Continue Study Toward the Major in Music is sent to all sophomores who have declared a major in music. Each student completes the form and returns it to the Department of Music Office. Forms are then given to respective faculty advisors. If you plan to pursue a Music Education degree, you should also fill out and submit the Major in Music--Emphasis in Education Entrance Form.
  • A memo is prepared by the Music Office and sent to all full-time and adjunct faculty members. This memo lists the students’ names and their respective advisors. Clipped to the memo are Faculty Evaluation Forms that request information about academic work, performance record, and overall impressions. Faculty then evaluate students on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 = superior) and complete forms for each student with whom they have had academic work. When the forms are completed, they are returned to the Music Office and distributed to respective faculty advisors.
  • An interview, based on the declared area of emphasis, is set up for each student with a representative faculty team. Committee members are provided with copies of the Faculty Evaluation Forms prior to the interview.
  • As a result of the interview and the responses on the forms, a Sophomore Review Composite Form and letter are sent to each student by the chair of the faculty committee; these include the faculty's recommendation to the student with regard to continued study. Faculty Evaluation Forms, the composite form, and a copy of the letter are sent to each advisor for the student's file. A copy of these materials should be returned to the Department of Music Administrative Assistant (Carol Ann Jutting) to be placed in the centralized student file.
  • Prior to this review, in Music Theory II (MUS 112), each student completes a Statement of Intent to Major in Music. This form requires an endorsement by the Area Performance Coordinator (Brass, Keyboard, Percussion, String, Vocal, Woodwind) made in consultation with principal instrument/voice instructor and requires a progress report on keyboard proficiency skills.

Music Major Portfolio

Music majors are required to create a personal music portfolio. Its purpose is twofold. First, it is a progressive autobiographical collection of the student’s best work and most meaningful personal experiences as a music major. As students progress through their undergraduate studies, they become more knowledgeable, skilled, and insightful as artist scholars. Therefore, students are not only expected to make timely additions to the portfolio but are also encouraged to review the contents frequently and revise their work. Second, it is a material resource for graduate school applications and career opportunities. As a representation of current work and experiences, the student is advised to continue its development as a professional portfolio after graduation.

The exact format for the presentation of materials is up to the individual. Possible ideas are a digital portfolio (on CD-ROM), a three-ring binder with pockets for recordings, etc. or a box format that will accommodate papers, recordings, etc. In every case, the collection of materials should be organized and kept in a manner that protects the contents from possible damage caused either by storage or the environment. Students must be able to have the materials easily available at any time; i.e., for presentation during the Sophomore Review, the Senior Interview, etc.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Student:

  • Students will select the materials that represent their most meaningful experiences and best efforts according to the categories listed under Contents of the Portfolio: Macro below.
  • Students will have the right to exclude any material that is marked with a grade or evaluative comments by a professor
  • Students may choose to replace a graded or marked copy with a “clean” copy and should mark it as “copy of assignment with professor markings removed.”
  • Students may revise their work as long as it retains the original date of the class assignment and is marked with the date of revision.

Rights of the Professor:

  • The student will ask the permission of the professor before adding anything that has the professor’s comments or a grade.

Contents of the Portfolio: Macro

The portfolio shall contain items in the following areas. The portfolio shall be arranged as follows with each entry identified by course name and number.

  1. Statement of Intent to Major in Music with Personal Statement (e.g., why I choose to major in music)
  2. Current Résumé
  3. Select examples demonstrating knowledge and skills achieved in writing music (notation)
  4. Select examples demonstrating knowledge and skills achieved in researching and writing about music (language)
  5. Select examples demonstrating knowledge and skills using modern technology (notation, presentation, recording, etc)
  6. Select examples demonstrating participatory musical performance experiences (solo, ensemble, and conducting)
  7. Select personal contributions (electives, cognates, etc)
  8. The Senior Recital Audio or Video recording and Integrated Assessment Draft and Paper
  9. Final Statement

Contents of the Portfolio: Micro

This listing offers suggestions of items that are appropriate to include in the various areas. It is intended to serve as a guide. It is not comprehensive nor does it represent a list of required items. Students may choose items from this list or decide for themselves what is most appropriate for their portfolio (numbering refers to Macro list above).

  1. Write Music
    1. Music Theory
      1. Sample of part-writing and/or counterpoint
      2. A composition
      3. Recorded keyboard improvisation
    2. Arranging
      1. Project
      2. ii. January Term
  2. Research and Writing about Music
    1. Music History
      1. MUS-374 semester report with oral presentation material
      2. Short sample of polished prose from MUS-375
    2. Literature courses
    3. Music Appreciation
    4. World Music
      1. World Bazaar Project and Presentation
      2. Listening Log
      3. Instrument Project
    5. January Term
  3. Demonstrate Technology
    1. Writing music, use of Finale® software
    2. PowerPoint presentation
    3. Recording
  4. Perform Music
    1. Applied Studies
      1. Performance Assessment sheets for each semester with an annual reflection on what faculty comments, your own instructor, and your own observations tell you about your progress on your instrument/voice
      2. An audio/video of a Monday Night Recital and/or other recitals
      3. . List of repertoire performed
      4. Programs of solo, duet, trio, quartet performances
    2. Ensemble Studies
      1. Rehearsal Evaluation Forms
      2. Repertoire performed
      3. Programs of ensemble performance
      4. Audio/video of performances
    3. Conducting
      1. Video recording of final examination
      2. Video recording of work with an ensemble
    4. January Term
  5. Elective/Cognate or Personal Contributions
    1. Honors Program Materials
    2. Elective Courses, e.g., Music and Psychology materials
    3. Music Education Materials
      1. Philosophy of Music Education paper from EDU 360
      2. Video recording of first lesson to beginning student
    4. Partners in Scholarship
  6. Capstone Materials
    1. Integrated Assessment Form
    2. Paper
    3. Video/audio recording of senior recital
    4. Interview summary
  7. Final Statement: A reflection that summarizes the portfolio, the experience the student had as a GAC Music Major, etc.

Revised: July 26, 2011