Section 9: Accompanists

Music Student Handbook

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Accompanist Policy

Performance Assessments and Juries

  • The Department of Music will make available to every student enrolled in applied music lessons an accompanist for a limited amount of time.
    • For Vocalists, THREE hours each semester in preparation for your Vocal Performance Assessment (VPA) at no charge to the student.
    • For instrumentalists (woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion), ONE hour each semester in preparation for your jury at no charge to the student.
  • Your applied music teacher will let you know how that hour will be arranged throughout the semester. In some cases, your teacher and the Accompanying Supervisor (Prof. Esther Wang) will find an accompanist for you and schedule your rehearsals and performances. In other cases, your teacher will have you contact the accompanist directly. Either way, ask your teacher what to do regarding rehearsing with an accompanist for your PA/jury.
  • If you would like an accompanist for additional time over what is alloted (i.e., needing an accompanist to play for lessons, MNR, etc.), please read these suggestions:
    • Contact your current professional accompanist. You will be responsible for paying what the accompanist charges per hour (currently $38/hour).
    • Ask your classmates who are pianists to play for specified lesson times. Give them the music ahead of time so they can go through it before agreeing to play for you.
    • Contact Prof. Wang and she will assist you in finding a student accompanist. This is not a guarantee that we will find an accompanist for you, but she will be happy to help you contact available student accompanists.
    • Contact a student free-lance accompanist. You are responsible for paying what the student accompanist charges per hour.
    • Voice students should speak with their applied instructors regarding applying for an additional 1-2 hours of accompanist services.


  • Every student performing a music major solo recital will have an accompanist to work with at no charge to the student.
  • You and your teacher will decide the appropriate length for the recital (full, half, or shared with more than two people). You and your teacher will choose an accompanist and contact that person for his/her availability. You, your teacher, and your accompanist will decide how many lessons/rehearsals are reasonably appropriate in preparation for your recital. You are expected to use your time with the accompanist in a professional manner; please come fully prepared to rehearse, not to learn notes and rhythms. Have your music (double-sided sheets) bound in a notebook and have it ready to give to your accompanist. Be on time for lessons, rehearsals, studio classes, and other performances.
  • Things to consider:
    • Have your music ready to give to the accompanist. Double-sided, spiral bound or in a 3-ring binder.
    • Have your contact information for the accompanist, and get home/cell numbers and email address.
    • Consider the appropriate recital dates and recital repertoire with your teacher as soon as possible. The more you plan ahead, the better your preparation will be and the better you will feel about the recital.

Working with an accompanist is an important part of your music study as instrumentalists or vocalists. The Department of Music is only able to provide a minimal amount of accompanying for you at no charge (as outlined above). Additional accompaniment may well be desireable and necessary, and to that end, we maintain a list of professional and student accompanists who you can hire. A few piano students do some accompanying to satisfy their ensemble requirement, but beyond that, you will need to compensate your accompanist appropriately.

Concerto/Aria Competition

The College covers the accompianist cost for the Competition. This includes one rehearsal and one short run-through before the Competition.

Senior Honors Recital

The College covers the cost for an accompianist for the Senior Honors Recital, usually the same accompianist used for your senior recital.

Please submit Request for Accompanist Forms to Prof. Wang early in the semester for assistance in finding an accompanist.

Revised: August 2014