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Music Student Handbook

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Department of Music Faculty: 2016-2017

Yumiko Oshima-Ryan, Department Chair
Cinde Wiebusch, Administrative Assistant

  • (F): Full-Time Faculty
  • (P): Part-Time Faculty


Within each applied music area, there is a designated Area Coordinator intended to serve as the first contact beyond the private instructor if questions arise about any aspect of performance study. These individuals can be of immediate assistance regarding instrument repairs, equipment, lesson scheduling, area seminars, end-of-semester auditions, recitals, performances, etc. If further assistance is needed, students are encouraged to speak with the Chair of the Department.


  • Area Coordinator: Prof. Scott Moore
  • Office: FAM 206
  • Office Telephone: 7439
  • E-Mail Address:

Guitar and Percussion

  • Area Coordinator: Prof. James Patrick Miller
  • Office: FAM 207
  • Office Telephone: 7348
  • E-Mail Address:


  • Area Coordinator: Prof. Yumiko Oshima-Ryan
  • Office: FAM 305
  • Office Telephone: 7303
  • E-Mail Address:


  • Area Coordinator: Prof. Justin Knoepfel
  • Office: FAM 115
  • Office Telephone: 7360
  • E-Mail Address:


  • Area Coordinator: Prof. Patricia Snapp
  • Office: FAM 101
  • Office Telephone: 7359
  • E-Mail Address:


  • Area Coordinator: Prof. Karrin Meffert-Nelson
  • Office: FAM 317
  • Office Telephone: 7316
  • E-Mail Address:

Each area differs slightly in its configuration of studio classes, seminar classes, and end-of-semester performance requirements. Each set of requirements is consistent with the area’s unique student enrollment figures, staffing profiles, and teaching approaches of the area faculty. Parallel requirements among all areas include: (1) all students studying applied music must attend seven recitals or concerts each semester, (2) there is a system of area-specific classes and performance opportunities for students, and (3) students must have experienced performance at the area level before appearing in departmental recitals.

Office of Fine Arts

The Office of Fine Arts is located in the loft area of the Björling Recital Hall lobby. The director, assisted by student workers, coordinates and manages departmentally endorsed student, faculty, and guest-artist recitals. The Manager of Music Ensemble Tours is also located there.

Office of Fine Arts/Manager of Music Ensemble Tours

  • Alan Behrends: Director of Fine Arts
  • Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Office Telephone: 507.933.7013
  • E-Mail Address:

The Piano Laboratory School

The Piano Laboratory School of the Music Department at Gustavus Adolphus College is a training program in which Gustavus students offer piano instruction to children of the community. Through this program Gustavus students develop piano teaching skills through practical experience under the supervision of the Director of the Piano Lab.

The Music Council

The mission of the Music Council at Gustavus Adolphus College is to serve the Gustavus community by fostering the development of College music programs so that students may realize their full potential as both musicians and Gustavus students. The council meets monthly to discuss events, ideas, and issues that potentially and directly affect the Department of Music. Music Council representatives also serve as members of various council committees including the Minnesota Music Educators Association (MMEA), Music Ensemble Togetherness, Newsletter and Bulletin Board, and Webpage Committees.


The Music Council consists of two co-officers, two senior representatives, two junior representatives, two sophomore representatives, one non-major representative, a faculty advisor, and the departmental academic assistant who serves as secretary. Election of the two senior co-officers occurs in the spring while remaining members are elected in a fall process overseen by co-officers and returning council members.

2016-2017 Music Council


Bailey Hilgren (

Zach Anderson
Austyn Menk
Izzy Carlson
Emily Komperud
Renee Yong
Henry Elling

Music Council Faculty Advisor

Music Council Bylaws

The Scherzo

The purpose of The Scherzo, a monthly publication of the Gustavus Adolphus College Music Council, is to inform, educate, and connect students involved with music at Gustavus. This publication is intended not just for music majors and minors, but for all students who participate in Gustavus ensembles and applied lesson studios. The editors of The Scherzo continually seek willing individuals to contribute articles, reviews, anecdotes, advertisements, and other information for publication. Submissions may be made via E-Mail to

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