Music Council Bylaws

Music Student Handbook

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gustavus Adolphus College Music Council is to serve the Gustavus community by fostering the development of the GAC music programs, in order to allow students to attain their full potential as both musicians and Gustavus students.


Two officers will be elected to the Music Council each year. These Co-Officers will share in organization and managerial responsibilities:

  • Eligibility: In order to be eligible for election as a Music Council Officer, a student must be a current junior and have served on the Music Council in a previous year. All eligible candidates will be notified prior to election and be given adequate time to decline nomination.
  • Elections: The current officers of the council will facilitate elections. Elections should occur during the first week in April. Voting will take place via email with a paper ballot option. All declared music majors are eligible to vote for two candidates. The two candidates receiving the most votes are named Co-Officers for the following academic year.
  • Term: One year
  • The music Council can make modifications to the above policies on a case-by-case basis.


The voting members of the music council will be comprised of the following:

  • 2 Senior Representatives (excluding officers)
  • Faculty-appointed Academic Assistant
  • 2 Junior Representatives
  • 2 Sophomore Representatives
  • 2 Non-Major Representatives

Membership Considerations include:

  • Eligibility: All declared music majors of the above classes are eligible to appear on the ballot. All eligible candidates will be notified prior to election and be given adequate time to decline nomination.
  • Elections: The current and future officers will facilitate elections the last week in April. Email voting, with an option to acquire a paper ballot, will be sent to all declared music majors. Each major may vote for 2 representatives from the appropriate class. Candidates receiving the most votes will fill positions.
  • Non-majors: Self-nomination forms will be available for one week to all non-music majors of sophomore status and above. The Music Council will appoint two candidates and announce selection within one month of the distribution of self-nomination forms.
  • Term: One year

Non-voting members of the music council include:

  • The two elected Co-Officers
  • A faculty advisor will be selected by a consensus of the Council. The advisor will serve a three-year term, which can be renewed at the discretion of the advisor and the Council
  • The Chair of the Music Department

The Music Council will determine how to fill any vacancies created during the course of the year. Additionally, the Music Council can make modifications to the above policies as the need arises.


Concerning committees:

  • Each elected representative and the two non-major representatives will be responsible for chairing a committee. The representative will be responsible for reporting to the Council.
  • Each committee will be composed of at least 4 members.
  • Committee membership is a one-year commitment.
  • Committee members may be any Gustavus student willing to help fulfill the mission of the Music Council. Committee members are not voting members of the council.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the Council, committees will meet once per month. Meetings will be properly recorded and written summaries will be submitted to the council via the Council’s E-mail alias no later than 3 days before the monthly Council meeting.
  • All committee actions on behalf of the Music Council must be approved by a majority of the Council before carried out.

Meeting Procedures

The following procedures are to be observed for Council meetings:

  • Meetings will be held approximately once per month at appointed times determined by the Co-Officers in consultation with the faculty advisor and the Chair of the Music Department.
  • A quorum (51%) must be present at any meeting to conduct business.
  • Meetings will be presided over by the officers.
  • The Academic Assistant will assume the role and responsibilities of the secretary. Minutes will be typed and distributed to the council 72 hours following the meeting. Members of the council will have 24 hours to appeal for changes or corrections. Once the minutes are in edited form, a copy will be sent to each Music Council member and will be posted on the Music Council Board. The secretary will also be responsible for collecting the approved reports and filing them into a portfolio. If the Academic Assistant cannot be present, a temporary secretary will be appointed at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Agenda: A tentative agenda will be posted on the Music Council Board two weeks prior to the Music Council meeting. Any corrections or revisions should be submitted in a timely fashion to the officers. A final agenda will be sent to the music council at least 3 days before the scheduled meeting.
  • Reports: Each meeting will contain reports from the faculty advisor, the secretary, and committee chairs. All reports should be approved and submitted to the secretary.

Approved: October 20, 2004

Revised: August 10, 2005