Music Faculty

Gustavus Symphony Orchestra


Name Title Phone
Gregory Aune Young Distinguished Chair 507-933-7347
Michael Jorgensen Professor 507-933-7362
Brandon Dean Assistant Professor 507-933-7370
Christina Smith Adjunct Instructor, Voice 507-933-7371
Patricia Snapp The Voice Area Coordinator 507-933-7359 and 507-933-7364


Name Title Phone
James Patrick Miller Douglas Nimmo Professor of the Gustavus Wind Orchestra 507-933-7340
Rick Orpen Professor 507-933-7348 web
Scott Moore Associate Professor of Trombone 507-933-6260
Ruth Lin Assistant Professor 507-933-7248
Karrin Meffert-Nelson Assistant Professor 507-933-7316
Rolf Erdahl Bass Instructor 507-933-7364
Heidi Johanna Miller Adjunct Assistant Professor and Conductor, Brass Choir and Woodwind Choir 507-933-6254
Conor O'Brien Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-7364
James DeVoll Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7350
John Engebretson ’91 Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7364
Sarah Erickson-Lume Visiting Instructor 507-933-7364
Paul Hill Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7364
Barbara Leibundguth Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7350 and 507-933-7364
Phala Tracy Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7364
Justin Knoepfel Temporary 507-933-7360
Sharon Mautner-Rodgers chamber music coach 507-933-7364
Ann Pesavento


Name Title Phone
Yumiko Oshima-Ryan Associate Professor and Keyboard Area Coordinator 507-933-7303
Esther Wang Associate Professor/Student Supervisor 507-933-7361
Rebekah Richards Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7178 and 651-468-7058 web


Name Title Phone
Dave Stamps Assistant Professor and Director of Jazz Ensembles 507-933-7439
Jonathan Brandt Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-7364
Jeffrey Hess Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-7371
Rena Kraut Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-7364
Jill Olson Moser Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-6005
Molly Clinefelter Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7371
Melissa Morey Adjunct Instructor of Horn 507-933-7364
Trygve Skaar Adjunct Instructor 507-933-7364
Beth Winterfeldt Accompanist 507-933-7364
Jane Giering-De Haan
Mark Lammers
Johnathan Moeller
Donnie Norton
Gerard Sundberg