Interactive Boards

What is an Interactive Board?

Interactive Boards use touch detection so you can interact with your projected screen much like you would on a smartphone or tablet. It makes classes more interactive since anyone can get up and touch the screen, plus there is no need to have to drive the instruction from behind your laptop. There are two supported tools that you can use:


The Smartboard is part of the Smart Technolgy family. They make both interactive boards that go along with the Smart Notebook software which is a software tool much like PowerPoint. If you have access to a smartboard and would like the software, please contact the GTS Helpline at or by phone at 507-933-6111.

Epson Brightlink

The Epson interactive board comes with software which makes interacting with the board easy and fun. Much like the Smartboard, this makes learning more engaging, interactive and FUN! The new Epson Brightlink projectors in Anderson hall support the use of Smart Notebook as well! 

How do I use an Interactive Board?

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