Lecture Capturehttp://lecturecapture.gac.edu

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture gives you the ability to record audio/video of a lecture, class, project or other presentation. Using a browser window, you are able to select a room, start/stop recording, and download your files. You must be in the building to start a recording of a room. 

What rooms have Lecture Capture?

Anderson 100 Beck 111 Fine Arts Music 106 Tennis Court 1
Anderson 105 Beck 201 Mattson 102 Tennis Court 2
Anderson 214 Beck 305d Mattson 104 Tennis Court 3
Anderson 215 Beck 315 Mattson 130 Tennis Court 4
Anderson 308 Beck 317 Nobel 1413 Tennis Court 5
Confer 125 Beck 319 St. Peter Room Tennis Court 6

What is another way to Lecture Capture?

  • Google Meet is another great way to create a lecture capture. You can go into a meet, share your screen, and record it. When you are done, Google Meet will send you the video (that is stored on your Google Drive under the Meet Recordings Folder) and you can share that on a webpage, via email, etc. You can also download that video and upload to YouTube and have it captioned so it is accessible to all. Check out the Video Conferencing section.

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