Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is available in a select number of classrooms at Gustavus. Lecture Capture gives you the ability to record audio/video of a lecture, class, project or other presentation. By visiting a web page, you are able to select a room, start/stop recording, and download your files. You must be in the building to start a recording of a room. (Example: To record Beck 315, you must be connected to the Beck wireless network.)

How to use

Note - the rooms below only show up in lecture capture when you are in that particular building. While in the room you wish to record:

  1. Use a computer or smartphone to visit http://lecturecapture.gac.edu.
  2. Make sure you are using the Gustavus or GustavusSecure wireless network.
  3. Log in with your Gustavus credentials.
  4. Click the room you wish to record.
  5. Click the Start Recording link (takes a few moments to tell you it is recording).
  6. Click Stop Recording when finish.
  7. When done, the Lecture Capture system will send your Gustavus email a link to view your video. If you wish, you can share this link with others.

Rooms with Lecture Capture

Effective Practices for using Lecture Capture

Take a look at our document talking about how you can use Lecture Capture effectively in your class: Lecture Capture at Gustavus