What is a Screencast?

A screencast is a recording of your screen, your voice, and maybe your face. This is a great way to present or get information to others in a non-live format. This is a great way to record lectures as part of a flipped classroom, to do tutorials, give feedback on student assignments or have students present information to the rest of class.


Screencast-o-matic allows you record your screen, audio and video (optional) for up to 15 min for free. Gustavus has licenses for the pro version (normally $20/year) that you can request by emailing With the pro version, you can record unlimited length videos, edit them, and save them to computer or push them to youtube. 


Screencastify allows you to do screen-recording in chrome. You can record your browser tab or your entire screen, along with your voice, with one click of a button. For $24/year you an upgrade to the pro version which allows for unlimited timed recordings and editting capabilities. All videos you create can be clipped and are automatically pushed to your Google Drive.


Jing is a free tool that allows you to record 5 min of video or do still image screen captures. These videos are in a SWF format so they work well embedded into Moodle or other websites. You can also push your videos to for free and share links with those you want to view the video. Users may need the flash player in order to view.

How do I use Screencasts?

 Watch the Video Tutorials on YouTube (New Window)