Epson Easy MP Software

Epson Easy MP Projection is the software that will enable users to wirelessly connect to the Epson Projectors we have in Beck Hall, Lund, Confer/Vickner, the Campus Center, Olin, and Old Main and other locations around campus.

Download EasyMP

You can download this software here: Epson Projection Software

Using EasyMP

Video documentation on how to utilize this software is available at

Use this to wirelessly project your computer via the Epson Projection Software, also known as Easy MP. (if using video or sound, please use the wired connection for best results)

  1. Turn on projector by pressing the On button on the Crestron Panel (white box mounted on wall)
  2. Choose EasyMP source on Crestron Panel
  3. Connect laptop to Gustavus or GustavusSecure
  4. Open EasyMP software on laptop. (If it isn't already installed, please feel free to download the Epson Projection Software)
  5. Choose Advanced Connection Mode, and click box to always use this method.
  6. Choose the projector by checking the box that corresponds to the room you are in and hit connect (look for room number)
  7. If you want to be sure that nobody takes control of your screen, be sure to select the disable interrupt checkbox
  8. You can select up to four projectors to project your computer screen to
  9. When done, disconnect using the EasyMP software, and turn projector off

Projectors that are not compatible

Current version

The current version of the EasyMP software for Macintosh is 2.87 and 2.88 for Windows.


No projectors show up in list, however the projector is turned on.

  • Go to Set Options, check the box next to Display Connection Mode Selection window on startup.
  • Click OK.
  • Close the program.
  • Open EasyMP and choose Advanced Connection mode.
  • Check the box that says to remember this setting.
  • Click Ok.

I'm a guest on campus

You will need to manually enter the IP address of the projector into the Easy MP software.