Information for Proposals

For Requests Submitted 2019–2020

501(c)(3) Federal tax-exemption letter

Administrative and Facilities Rate Agreement

Current indirect costs rate

As negotiated with the US Department of Health and Human Services - effective June 1, 2018, subject to funder's specific guidelines and restrictions:

  • On-campus: 32.15% of total direct costs (excluding capital expenditures, equipment, and subawards)
  • Off-campus (use this rate when 50% or more of all project activities occur off-campus and facility rental is allocated to the project): 19.38% of total direct costs (excluding capital expenditures, equipment, and subawards)

Fringe benefits rate for externally funded summer activities 

  • For 9- and 12-month contracted Faculty and Staff eligible for the pension plan, the rate is 15.49% of salaries and wages. 
  • For Faculty and Staff not eligible for the pension plan, the total benefits amount equals the statutory benefits rate of 8.41%.
  • For Gustavus students, the summer rate of 8.46% equals the statutory benefits rate less Unemployment Compensation. Non-Gustavus students are not charged statutory benefits.

Fringe benefits rate for externally funded academic year activities

  • For the calendar year of 2020 the pooled fringe benefits rate for faculty and staff is 35%.
  • There are no statutory benefits charged to the grant for Gustavus students employed during the academic year.

On-campus basis* for salary for personnel

  • Faculty and Staff Academic Year Salary: In determining projected increases for faculty and staff salaries for future years, please contact Sarah Bridges.
  • Faculty Summer Salary: The basis for faculty and staff summer compensation is typically 1/9 of the previous academic year's salary/month.
  • Students Academic Year Wages/Stipends: Hourly wages for the academic year are $10.00 or more, depending on the nature of employment.
  • Students Summer Wages/Stipends: Recommended summer wages are $12.95 per hour, unless external funding guidelines or budget limitations preclude such a rate.

*Please contact Sarah Bridges  if there are any questions about the appropriate level of compensation.


Mileage reimbursement from January 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020, should be calculated at $0.575/mile. Please click here for Gustavus' travel policy.

College vehicle charges

The costs for renting a college car or van for a college-related event are $0.56/mile and $0.62/mile, respectively (as of June 1, 2019). There is no additional expense for gas; a gas charge card is provided by the College. The minimum charge for using a vehicle is $25.00.


Effective June 2018, Gustavus Adolphus College requires additional documentation for federal grant expenditures over $10,000. Please review the linked Gustavus Procurement Standards.

Submission numbers for federal forms

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): 41-0695524
NSF: 0023531000
DUNS: 006221808

Authorized institutional officials

Chief Financial Officer (signatory for grant agreements and contracts)
Curt Kowaleski, CFO & Vice President of Finance and Treasurer in Finance Office
Phone: (507) 933-7499

Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Brenda Kelly, Provost and Dean
Phone: (507) 933-7541
Fax: (507) 933-7081

Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca M. Bergman, President
Phone: (507) 933-7537

Signatories for Grant and Contract Submissions
Sarah A. Bridges, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Phone: (507) 933-7049
Fax: (507) 933-7081

First congressional district and related information

US Senators: Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith
US Representative for the 1st Congressional District: Jim Hagedorn

State government information

Governor: Tim Walz
State Senators and Representatives

Last updated 7.2.2020