Gustavus Adolphus College Travel Policy

Travel at College expense is allowed for persons who travel on College business as approved by the department chairperson, supervisor or budget officer. Anticipated expenses should be discussed with the chairperson, supervisor or budget officer prior to making arrangements. Expenses incurred outside the parameters of this policy may not be reimbursed.

This travel policy complies with Internal Revenue regulations and requirements of governmental funding agencies. Your help in assisting the College stay in compliance with these agencies, as well as reasonable expectations of our donors, is greatly appreciated.

Airline Travel Policy

  1. Use your Gustavus purchase card to charge your flight. If you purchase your ticket on the internet, please make sure to print a copy of the confirmation to attach to your Wells Fargo statement.
  2. Research different options to obtain a reasonably low-priced ticket.
  3. If you commit to a ticket for which the price seems unusually high, you will be contacted by the Finance Office to discuss the circumstances of this request.
  4. If you purchase tickets using a travel or airline agent, additional surcharges apply.
  5. When a non-employee accompanies a College traveler, the airfare for the non-employee should not be charged to the College.
  6. Employees are strongly encouraged to use travel agents when purchasing tickets for a group. They can provide valuable assistance with securing refunds, changing names on tickets and assisting with emergencies.

Transportation by Private Plane

Commercial aircraft carriers are to be used whenever possible. Transportation by private plane is not authorized. Either the College’s President or Vice President for Finance and Treasurer must give permission to charter an air flight. In the rare event that a chartered flight is authorized, the following measures and steps should be taken, in consultation with the Finance Office:

  • Only FAA Regulation Part 135 should be used
  • All chartered flights are with recognized, experienced fixed-base operators
  • All chartered flights are on multiple engine jet aircraft
  • The Finance Office will submit the certificate of insurance (from the charter carrier’s insurance company) to EIIA for review. Gustavus will be listed as “an additional insured” on the certificate of insurance
  • The seating capacity on the aircraft is within the College’s non-owned aircraft liability insurance requirement
  • The charter company will provide the College with a hold harmless and indemnification agreement.

Allowable Travel Expenses

Reasonable expenses incurred by the employee will be reimbursed and may include:

  1. Accommodations: It is expected that whenever possible, employees will use moderately priced facilities. A detailed listing of these charges must be attached to your Wells Fargo statement. If the listing includes charges other than room and taxes, additional documentation must be attached. Reimbursement will not be given for the purchase of in-room movies or mini-bar purchases. If it is necessary to cancel a reservation, inform the hotel or travel agency immediately. Charges for unused reservations are the employee’s responsibility. Advise the hotel about early departures to avoid penalties.
  2. Ground Transportation: Taxis, shuttles and public transportation are allowed between terminals, hotels, places of business, etc., whenever necessary.
  3. Registration Fees: Registration fees should be processed before the conference begins. If registration is completed using the internet, a copy of the registration should be printed and attached to your Wells Fargo statement.
  4. Rental Vehicles: Use of rental vehicles is restricted to situations where commercial transportation is not available or impractical, or when a rental car is more effective. The original receipt must be attached to your Wells Fargo statement. When an employee is on College-sanctioned business in the U.S., the driver should “decline” the optional insurance coverage. However, when a vehicle is rented in connection with international travel, the optional travel insurance should be purchased. Collision damage waiver and liability insurance supplement are provided through the College’s auto physical damage and auto liability insurance policies.
  5. Use of College Vehicle: College vehicles are available for approved travel by contacting the switchboard. If you are reserving a van, additional guidelines apply. Please contact Campus Safety for specific procedures.
  6. Use of Private Vehicle for Transportation: Mileage will be reimbursed based on miles used for business use, not personal travel using the current standard IRS rate. Expenses for gasoline, repairs, etc. are included in the mileage allowance. Commuting to and from work is not reimbursable mileage. Under the provisions of Minnesota no-fault insurance laws, the owner of a vehicle and the owner’s insurance company are primarily responsible in the event of an accident.
  7. Meals: The College will reimburse for meals, when appropriate. All charges made on your credit card should include a detail of the purchase. In addition to itemized receipts, the business purpose of the entertainment and names of the individuals being entertained must be provided. Good stewardship is expected. Generally, the College considers the maximum meal and incidental allowances established by the IRS to be reasonable. At certain destinations, the College realizes that the IRS rate is unreasonable. For additional guidance and clarification on daily thresholds for meals and incidentals at specific locations, please consult the IRS website at, Publication Number 1542. If you exceed the IRS daily maximum for meals and incidentals, an explanation should be attached to your expense report. When meals are included in the cost of the conference, meals taken elsewhere are not considered valid travel expenses.
  8. Tips: Tips should not exceed 15% of the cost of service, unless automatically charged.
  9. Laundry and Dry Cleaning: Laundry and dry cleaning is only allowed on extended trips when it is not practical to bring enough clothing for the whole trip.
  10. Telephone: Telephone calls for business purposes are allowed. Personal phone calls are only allowed on extended trips, but only at the rate of one personal call per three days of travel.

Unallowable Travel Expenses

Unallowable expenses may include:

  1. When a non-employee accompanies the traveler and is not traveling on College business, expenses should not be charged to the College. In the case of airfare, payment arrangements should be made directly by the employee.
  2. Personal charges such as valet service, entertainment not considered College-related, trip insurance, in-room movies, gifts, souvenirs and personal purchases.
  3. Airline club memberships.
  4. Auto club memberships.
  5. Theft or loss of personal belongings or money.
  6. Gifts to individuals in lieu of payments for lodging unless prior approval by a vice president has been obtained.
  7. Non-business meals and/or transportation.
  8. Undocumented expenses.


  1. Your Gustavus purchase card should be used for all your travel-related expenses, if possible. To obtain a card, contact the Finance office.
  2. All expenses must be summarized in an orderly fashion. Please note any expenses not supported by a receipt.
  3. All expenses must be supported by an original receipt. Per federal regulations, we are required to maintain records for a period of seven years so if you need a copy of a receipt, we can provide it for you.