Favorite Swedish Hymns (cassette)

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  1. Rejoice All Ye Believers
  2. Children of the Heavenly Father
  3. Day by Day, Thy Mercies Lord Attend Me
  4. O, God Source of All Truth
  5. Prepare the Way, O Zion
  6. When Christmas Morn is Dawning
  7. Thy Holy Wings, Dear Savior
  8. I Look Not Back
  9. When He Cometh
  10. Day of God So Sweet and Fair
  11. Zion Stands With Hills Surrounding
  12. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
  13. There's a Land That is Fairer Than Day
  14. Open Mine Eyes
  15. Savior, Like a Sheperd Lead Us
  16. Praise the Saviour
  17. In Heaven Above
  18. I Love to Hear the Story
  19. The Earth Adorned
  20. I Know Of A Sleep